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Mental Health Check-in March

Hello ladies. 
It has been a while and I've been struggling lately. I wanted to start another thread to support each other in this emotional journey. Please share struggles, concerns, and advice/support here for any mental health concerns.  

Re: Mental Health Check-in March

  • Thank you for starting this. Lately, I'm struggling with depression/anxiety symptoms. I'm currently unmedicated with the permission of my psych. Currently my anxiety is sky high, but I think it's situational from being held at L&D overnight for observation due to bleeding. The bleeding has stopped and baby looks good. I just don't have a cause yet nor have a been released and won't until I meet with the high risk OB. 
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  • @hopeful808 That does sound stressful! Hoping for the best. Please keep us updated. 

    I'm unmedicated as well. I have been off meds for 12 months now, but have been experiencing an increase in depression symptoms over the past several weeks. I scheduled an appointment with a therapist my OB recommended, but that is several weeks away.  My OB prescribed the medication I used to be on and told me I could start taking it if/when I decide to. I haven't picked it up yet and want to try exercising more this week to see if that helps. I'm just trying to come out of this "funk" without medication. But I realize the very real possibility that I might not have as much control over my emotional status as I would like. 
  • Glad the bleeding has stopped, @hopeful808. I'm sorry you are struggling though. 

    @kyreno11, I'm unmediated as well and am not handling it well as of late. I have been in a self-described funk too, DH keeps asking what is wrong, but I really have no answer. I'm not upset, I'm not happy, I'm just here. I've also been having the feeling of impending doom thinking about all the things I need t do before baby and how I'm turning my girls' world upside down again with another baby. 

    Hugs, ladies!
  • @Stankonia2014 That sounds really similar to me! Hugs! 
  • I have very much been struggling lately, especially in the last 24 hours.  I am medicated, and have emergency PRN medication - but I feel like my daily meds aren't working, and I don't like to take my emergency medicine because it makes me so sleepy... and I have to work and be a mom.  My husband is working 2nd shift this week which makes it so much harder.  I have an appointment with my therapist next Friday, and it can't get here soon enough.  I was googling depression and pregnancy today, and am wondering if my hormones are causing what I read to be antepartum depression.  Of course, this is all made worse because the doctor that I have seen literally my entire life is retiring in 2 weeks.  He has followed me (and my family with depression/anxiety) issues the entire time, and the thought of having to build trust with another physician really terrifies me.
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  • My anxiety is pretty well through the roof.  I'm medicated, and they help, but the ups and downs that have come with this adoption are definitely testing the effectiveness of the meds.  I've been trying to exercise more, which helps...but I've also noticed that I've started drinking more too, so that needs to stop. 

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  • I'll keep you all in my prayers. I've been doing better recently. I made it through the anniversaries of my dad and step dad passing (Jan & Feb). I've never been medicated but I do attend counseling regularly and it helps a lot. Plus I can text my counselor as needed which is great too. 
  • I've been surprisingly okay for the majority of the pregnancy so far. I had terrible anxiety in the very beginning but then my Dr upped my dosage back to what it was originally. (I had cut it down to half because it seemed to be making me so sleepy) DH does not agree with the fact that I am medicated at all and especially during pregnancy but he also respects that it's my body so my choice. I am worried about post partum anxiety and depression. I assume the meds I'm on now would be okay for BF. DH and I haven't talked about me being on meds whie BF actually. I'm on Celexa so if anyone has experience being on it while pregnant and BF let me know! I'll have to remember to ask the Dr and Pediatrician about it too. 
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  • @EmeraldNC I think the hormones are definitely playing a role for me. When my OB agreed that I could stop my medication be warned me then that there was about a 50% chance I would experience depression during third trimester or following pregnancy. From what I've heard, OBs are pretty willing to work with you on medications for mental health whole you're under their care. 

    @krex I'm sorry to hear you've been struggling. Drinking was always an occasional temporary fix for me, but even a couple drinks on a Friday night seemed to have a negative impact on me for a week or two after. If you need to cut out alcohol completely, at least you have tons of supportive ladies in here to join in sobriety.  

    @beckij34 I'm glad to hear you've been doing better! Thank you for sharing your positive experience!

    @alm52386 My parents are very anti-medicine. I suffered with depression for years before friends encouraged me to seek help. I'm pretty sure my mom has undiagnosed and untreated depression. My parents judgement about my depression and the fact that I took medicine for it was one of the most difficult things to deal with. It is frustrating that so little research is available regarding these medications in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I would bring up these concerns with your doctor and DH sooner rather than later so you can have time to make a well thought out decision assess risks if necessary. 
  • @kyreno11, thanks lady!

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  • Having a really hard time lately and my dad brushes it off as just hormones. Like... I have bipolar and I'm off my meds dad idgaf how many pregnant women you've known, this is not just that. Pair that with the fact that my sister can threaten to kill all of us and he doesn't do anything and just lets her say sorry (to him, never to me) and everything is just fine, I'm really pissed off 75% of the time these days. Feeling really hopeless today in particular because just Friday she was threatening to stab us and today he leaves me home alone with her to drive an hour away and watch movies with friends for God knows how long, who knows when he'll be back. This turned into me just complaining so I'm gonna sign off now haha
  • Wow, @kensbby, I'm sorry, that sounds rough.  Hugs!
  • @kensbby, I'm also not sure if you're comfortable, but if you are, I'd be very interested to hear your story. I know you've mentioned snippets here and there, but if not, I totally understand.
  • Damn @kensbby, I'm so sorry you're going through all that!   Hugs lady!

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  • CapricaAndreaCapricaAndrea
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    Am I allowed to check in here as the spouse of someone with diagnosed anxiety/depression? DH is non-medicated except for prescription marijuana and vitamins that help with serotonin levels, but it's been a very stressful time lately between his job, and moving at the end of the month and not having enough time to do everything.

    Unfortunately when he's already stressed and overwhelmed that often comes out as him somehow getting upset at me, which then spirals into him thinking our communication sucks, and therefore our relationship sucks, and he starts worrying that I'll leave him or something, which makes the whole situation infinitely worse, and makes him even more upset if anything else happens within the next couple days. 

    We got in an arguement today when I picked him up from work because he doesn't think I'm taking his feelings about being frustrated with our midwife seriously; he described it as me and baby over here doing our thing, and his opinion way over there doesn't matter at all. I tried to talk to him calmly about it, and how 1) I don't think the problem today was with the midwives but rather with the US clinic not sending results, 2) it's pretty late in the game to be changing care providers, and 3) I don't really want to change care providers (in that order so it didn't come across just as "I want to do it my way").  But it somehow turned into an arguement anyway. 

    I went out for a pre-planned dinner with friends shortly after we got home, and now that I'm back I find that he's been in bed sleeping for the whole 4 hours I was gone, which is not a good sign. He was playing a new video game when I left and he's been playing it so often lately that I assumed he'd still be playing when I got back. It's been a long time since he's spent an entire day in bed, thankfully, but it's also been a long time since he's felt the need to just nap to escape and I worry it's only going to get worse as the time left this month gets shorter and shorter :worried: 
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