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Confusion about beta

Hi all! First time posting over here! :smile: I had my first beta Monday at 14dp5dt of 2 embryos. I was kind of shocked by the number, 2975! Had my second beta yesterday and had 10,734 at 18dp5dt. They said it didn't rise quite as much as they wanted so they scheduled me for a third beta next week, but from my calculations it seems like it doubled every 55 hours which is right in line?! 

So I don't know why it was so high to start with and then if I should be concerned about second number or not?

Thanks for any insight, this all makes me feel a little nutty!

Re: Confusion about beta

  • Just wanted to say hi, welcome over here! I was hoping to see an update from you!! That seems fantastic to me, keep us posted when you go back :)
  • Hi @polythene Pam! Thanks for the welcome, glad we have both graduated to this board! How far along are you now?
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  • Congrats on your positive beta!! Those numbers do look pretty good. I think some clinics want to see doubling in strictly 48 hours (my clinic did), so maybe that's what your doctors are thinking. Hopefully your next numbers will come back great. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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  • I ended up having 4 beta tests despite my numbers doubling. Aside from the hassle of even more needles I welcomed the reassurance they gave me in the waiting time before our first scan! Fingers crossed for you!
  • 7 weeks on Tuesday, I'll have an ultrasound Wed to see the heartbeat, maybe then I'll finally believe it :) very surreal :) congrats, update when you can!
  • Congratulations! Like PP, those numbers look strong to me and wishing you a great third beta!
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  • My clinic wanted doubling between 48-72 hours, my first beta to second doubled in about 55 hrs like yours and all is well! Currently 35 weeks. Good luck with your next beta!
  • Thank you all for the reassurance and the welcome, I will update you with my next beta!

    @polythenepam I know the feeling, it definitely doesn't feel quite real, first ultrasound will hopefully make it more real! <3 
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