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Delivering at Sharp Mary Birch???

Hello everyone! I'm considering Sharp Mary Birch to deliver at and I was wondering if anyone on here has any experiences they would share, good or bad. Trying my best to make an informed decision. Thanks! 

Re: Delivering at Sharp Mary Birch???

  • Hi! I delivered there and I loved 98% of my experience there. I did not care for the lactation specialist my first day after giving birth. She was (pardon my language) a bitch, made me feel like a failure less than 6 hours after giving birth and she lied though her teeth about nipple shields. The one I had the next day was amazing though!!! 

    During labor, I was given the choice of Meds or no meds. Had I gone without an epidural, I could have labored on a ball, in the shower, on the toilet or even walk around. The nurses assigned to us were amazing, and the one who was with me during actual delivery of my DD encouraged me to watch via a mirror (let me tell you, seeing her head crown was all the motivation I needed!!), and she also promised that someone would come by recovery with a Starbucks for me, as we bonded over our love of expensive crappy coffee and lululemon. 

    DH and I are waiting for our daughters 1st birthday to start trying for #2 and I will be delivering at MB again :)

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  • I also had an excellent experience at MB. All the nurses were nice and I never felt like they pushed meds. They have a lot of the laboring equipment there. The delivery rooms are giant! The recovery rooms are understandably smaller. It’s definitely worth taking their hospital tour. I won free birthing classes at the one I attended and I got to see a lot of the hospital. The gift shop there is also staffed by lactation consultants who can help for free whether you delivered there or not.
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