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Progesterone shots vs gel inserts?

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Hope everyone's well. I was going to ask my Doc tomorrow about this at my monitoring appt, and was wondering what your experience or opinions might be about the progesterone shots vs taking the Crinone gel. I took the gel last cycle and it was so clumpy and gross, I kept feeling for 2 weeks like my period is coming and was going crazy thinking maybe it's the gel side effects or that I'm feeling my period coming early. I also read on a few websites that the shot is more effective since it distributes in the body more evenly. Any knowledge about that would be helpful!

Re: Progesterone shots vs gel inserts?

  • Hi there! I'm on the gel and at one point was cursing my husband (shots literally make him ill and I've heard giving yourself these shots is hard so we opted for gel) - I was spotting red and the nurse said it could've been from the gel irritating my cervix. 


    I'm 7 weeks pregnant and things have tapered off with the gel side effects, even the discharge seems better (not sure why). I was really worried too when I was spotting red and googled a lot, some say the shots are better, others say it's hard to measure because the gel goes straight into your uterus and isn't in your blood stream (or something like that). All that being said, IF something happens and we go back for a frozen embryo, I'll really chat with my doc and think about the shots and learn to do them myself. The spotting plus the stress of spotting was terrible and I hate if that was the result of this pregesterone method.
  • That is exactly my fear @PolythenePam ! I asked my Dr about it again and he said that gel is the only way to go when doing a natural cycle. So I'm going with the gel for this time trusting the Docs. Hopefully there isn't too much trouble with it. Hope you continue to have a healthy pregnancy and the spotting stops soon! Keep me posted
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  • Ahhhh it’s the worst! Ask if they can switch you to Endometrin. It’s a tablet suppository which still leaks, but I didn’t any reaction from it other than being kinda gross. The Crinone gave me a horrible reaction, and my lady bits didn’t feel right for a long time!
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