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It's with a heavy heart that I'll be making my intro here. DH and I have been TTC for 6 years and got our first BFP with IUI this January. Unfortunately, we had a M/C at 9 weeks, confirmed yesterday. We're waiting on a call from our local loss clinic to go over what our next steps are. I've been told that the community on this board is amazing and I look forward to continuing my journey with you ladies. I'm sorry that we're all here but best wishes to all of us on this journey!

TTC since 01/2011
07/2013 - First round of testing  - CD21 and CD3 blood tests and HSG  + multiple SAs for DH
07/2013 - Diagnosis - Anovulatory and DH has very low counts - Referral to urologist for further testing
08/2013 - Urologist showed varcocele veins and testicular defect from birth. Unable to repair
11/2013 - Consult with RE regarding treatment. Benched due to finances
2014/2015 - Took break from pursuing treatment, moved to a new province
06/2016 - DH redid SA as per direction from new family doctor - Counts have increased!!
07/2016 - Consult with new RE - ordered a repeat HSG
09/2016 - Providing no issues on HSG - Scheduled to start first IUI with Clomid
01/17/2017 - First IUI with Clomid - BFP - M/C @ 9 weeks

Come on Baby "B"! Time to come out and play!

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