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Just finished at our 15-month well child visit for DD.  We brought up our concerns about her loss of words/signs, bowing of legs, turning out of feet, gagging while eating, lack of rolling over (still.), inability to follow a simple command ("pick up the book"), and favoring of her left side.  Our pediatrician shared our concern of CP and put in the referral for a pediatric neurologist.

I am feeling all sorts of things right now.  I'm happy and relieved that our concern was heard and acknowledged and not just brushed off.  I'm also a bit scared.  The pedi used the term "borderline global delays."  We're in the process of adopting DD, so neither of us carried her for 9 months, nor knew her before she was 2 months old.  But the thought "could we have done something differently?" is still crossing my mind.  I'm also very sad for her.  I'm sad that she is struggling to the point where it is delaying things.

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    I doubt you could have done anything different. Many of these things aren't preventable even for the biological mother so try not to beat yourself up. Prayers that it is something that therapy can help. My son had severe delays as a babe and toddler, but is doing very well currently. He will always have a different way of doing things because of his syndrome but therapy has been a huge help.
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    The vast majority of CP is not preventable, and global delays do go hand in hand with it.

    However you have done the right thing. 15 months is not too late to start help-it's never too late. CP is typically not diagnosed till 3 years old but they can start therapies now to help deal with the issues as they arise. It sucks some days but now you know and have a plan to go forward. 
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