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Low stim IVF with low amh and high fsh

Hi ladies! Has anyone diagnosed with low AMH and high FSH been successful with low stim ivf with banking of only healthy embryos and then doing a FET after a few months? I was recently diagnosed with .05 amh and 25 fsh! Any success stories out there????

Re: Low stim IVF with low amh and high fsh

  • My story is different than yours but my AMH is less than 0.01 and not sure what my FSH is now (it was high before). They didn't want to do IVF on me (you can see my signature below about my weird story). But I hope to have a current success story now. Not that helpful maybe for you but there is hope!
    *****Losses Mentioned*****BFP MENTIONED*****ALL WELCOME******ALL ABOARD!!

    Me: 42, DH: 46, Married: 11/12
    Losses: MMC#1 11/12 BO, MC#2 11/13 at 8w BO?, MMC#3 8/14 chromo healthy M @12 weeks, stopped growing at 10.
    Negligible AMH, FSH finally went high. Pursued DE.

    DD born at 38w2d on 5-27-16. Finally!!

    Pregnant again with OE. EDD 11/9/17 Girl!

  • Sorry I haven't had that experience, hopefully someone on here will be able to share their success. Have you asked your Dr about the likely success? Good luck with it all
    Me & DH - 31
    TTC since December 2011
    Diagnosis: Unexplained, although mild polycystic ovaries (not syndrome) and irregular cycles
    2013/14: 6 rounds clomid,
    Aug 2015: IVF #1 = Antagonist Cycle: 100 Puregon and Orgalutran
                                     21 eggs collected, only 1 viable embryo, transferred but BFN
    July/Aug 2016: IVF #2 (with acupuncture) = 87.5 Gonal F and Synarel Spray 2xdaily
                                          ER 8/8, transferred 1 day 5 blastocyst 13/8, 2 frosties.
                                          Beta #1 = 85  Beta #2 = 242
                                          EDD 1st May 2017 *Baby Boy*

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  • I unfortunately have none of the above, but as for succes stories, there are plenty of those on here. 
    Women fighting all odds and get pregnant, babies that doctors have given up on are born, mothers that had difficulties during labour and are up and running again.
    Any women on here has her own succes story, they might haven't got what you have, but maybe it helps you keeping faith that you too will soon be joining us.
    Hang in there, it's one tough journey, definitely use this board and the infertility group as there are amazing women helping each other through this.
    Sending lots of babydust your way!


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