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My son was born in 2013 at 27 weeks gestation for unknown reasons.  It was a long road but he's now a happy and very healthy 3 year old. It took quite awhile for us to feel ready to try for another baby.  I had two early miscarriages this past year, one in August and one in November.  I'm currently at 12 weeks and just got the call that my Materniti 21 came back positive for Trisomy 18.  I'm devastated.  I'm 38 so we knew that my age, plus my history of preterm delivery, made it high risk, but I didn't expect this.  My doctor has stressed that its a screening test, not diagnostic, and there is a possibility that the abnormality is confined to the placenta.  I've done a little research in the short time since I got the news and, although false positives are possible, it doesn't appear likely.  Has anyone has any experience with this, good or bad?  We hadn't told anyone about the pregnancy yet and I was just hoping for a little support, and maybe hope.  
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  • I have an amazing T18 baby boy, Julian, in Jesus' arms.  He is one of the greatest gifts I've ever received.  He was born on 10/5/15 and lived at home with us for 33 beautiful days.  He was perfect.  I'd love to chat, I know you are in the scariest place you have ever been in your life, but I promise you, you will be greatly rewarded by that precious baby.  Message me or look me up on Facebook (Tammy Rook Pearl).  I also have a T21 daughter, born 367 days after Julian and she is perfect, too :) 
  • I posted a little about my pregnancy (and some adorable pics!) on here as well.  Search "Trisomy 18" and you'll see the subject line 

    trisomy 18 - confirmed

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    Hi, I know this post is a little old, but I was wondering how your baby is doing? We are 38 and had a positive T18 screen as well, we had an ultrasound yesterday and there were no markers but we are scheduled to go back again next week for another ultrasound and possibly amniocentesis If we decide. Thanks for any information you might have. 
  • So sorry you went/are going through this. I had a high risk quad screen for Trisomy 18 and am waiting for my MaterniT 21 results. I'm interested in knowing what happened with your baby. I'm pretty nervous.
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