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1st trimester spotting

I did my first ivf cycle in feb and they called last week with a BFP. I'm on endometrin suppositories 3x a day. I started light spotting 2 days before I found out I was preg. I have my first sono Thursday but I can't help but be nervous because I am spotting almost all the time. Most of the time is brownish but randomly over the last few days there has been a tinge of Red. Not pink, red. I know spotting is "normal" with the suppositories but it makes me so nervous. Has anyone else experienced this? 

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  • I didn't get pregnant through IVF, but I have had spotting a few times in my 1st trimester. I spotted up until I found out I was pregnant, as well. It's awful to see- but for me, so far, thank God, it's been all fine. I will be 14 weeks on Friday. 
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  • Spotting is alarming but very common in the first trimester. As long as you aren't filling a pad within 45 minutes, you need not worry. I hope everything goes fine at your scan!

    Of course, call your doctor with any and all concerns, it's what they are there for!
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  • I know we "chatted" in the IF board but same here. It's alarming but I was assured it's ok, whenever I saw red I did call but it was never enough for them to be alarmed, I just call for peace of mind though. I use that crinone progesterone and feel like I finally got the hang of that too, I think I went too far a few times, it seems to have tapered off. I'm so glad you got a bfp, keep us posted how your appointment goes!
  • I'm sorry, spotting can be so scary.  I had some spotting after my FET, I was on crinone. It was pink/brown and lasted a day or so. My RE sent me for an extra beta draw to try and ease my mind. TW------- I also have a loss history that started as spotting, but progressed pretty quickly to being an obvious problem in 2-3 days. I also never had any symptoms with that loss and never "felt" pregnant so I assumed the worst from the get go.

    In the end- all you can really do is take a deep breath and wait for the scan for more information. The lack of control of the first trimester is awful, but try and trust the process and that lots of women have similar bleeding episodes. Good vibes sent out your way!
  • I went in for a sono today because I called them to ask about the bleeding and they had me come in early. I'm only 5 weeks so it's too early for a heart beat but he sees the sac and the pregnancy. However, he sees blood in my uterus. It's coming from my cervix. He said some people bleed and sometimes its your body getting ready for a miscarrage. I'm heartbroken. I go back next week for another sono. He's putting me on progesterone injections and I have to countinue with the suppositories. Does anyone think this could have a positive outcome? 
  • @Stuuuaaart I'm so sorry you're going through this, because that is so scary. That being said, I know plenty of people who have had bleeds- often an SCH- and have been completely fine. Thinking of you.
    DH & I both 34.
    8/16: IVF, antagonist protocol 
    21 eggs | 9 blasts | 7 normal through PGS
    10/16: FET  = BFN  :(
    12/16: Surprise natural BFP 
    Beta 1: 177 | Beta 2: 483 | Beta 3: 8,755 | Beta 4: 39,007. Baby born 9/5/2017

    NOW on sibling journey. 
    2/20: FET = BFN :(
    4/20: Surprise COVID BFP

  • Yesterday I had a full on very scary bleeding that lasted hours. Dr saw sac and baby I'm on progesterone injections and Estrace. Do the injections, your Dr. said sometimes, not always. Did they send you for a repeat hcg? My doctor ordered it. I'm 6 weeks 2 days, I need to repeat it tomorrow again and go back Friday for another ultrasound to see how things are going.
    Try to stay calm, and I know how terrifying this is. I thought for sure I lost them yesterday morning. I'm still worried, but am trying not too.
           For the injections, I've found if you do them the same time every day and walk around the house for 10- so minutes after it helps the medicine to circulate and reduce the soreness a bit. 
  • Thank you. Yes, they took my blood so he will check my levels and they will call tomorrow. Now I can't imagine waiting a whole week to go back. I just want to know what's going on 
  • I know, it goes by so slowly! This day feels like forever.  You can always ask for another hcg again. I know we just want to see baby. I want Friday to be here. 
         I pray you get good hcg results and no more spotting. (I'm not on the suppositories this time. I hated them), maybe your doctor will let you come in before a week? Hopefully not wanting you for a week is a good thing?Hang in there and think sticky growing baby and healthy happy body and uterus. 
           I know that sounds kind of nuts,but whatever it takes, and telling my body that has been my kind of thing that keeps me going along with other women who have survived this and came out the other side of IF.

  • There is nothing you can do but try and stay calm, positive and keep yourself busy.
    For me when I had some early bleeding my positive thoughts were what will be will be and if this little bundle of cells isn't healthy and strong then it's not meant to be. That might not sound positive but for me it helped me to be calm and get through.
    But my bundle of cells is now a 22 week fetus currently doing gymnastics in my belly.
    Early bleeding is scary and you have no control over whether it's the start of a miscarriage or normal harmless minor shedding of lining before your cervix closes.

    Good luck and I'll be thinking of you during this horrible limbo time. 
  • How are you doung? Did you get your levels back?
  • @Stuuuaaart  I had spotting throughout my first trimester.  At 8 weeks, I had a threatened miscarriage.  I woke up and passed red blood and clots.  I thought it was all over.  But my scans were good.  And now i'll be 18 weeks tomorrow.  The spotting finally stopped at about 12 weeks and hasn't come back since.  FX that everything is okay and you and baby are healthy.
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  • Levels were great and we saw a heart beat at 6wks. We also saw a bleed or possibly another prenanacy that wasn't developing right. Well then something interesting happened today. The spotting was getting slightly heavier, still not a heavy bleed but more than spotting. Then I passed what looked like tissue to me Into the toilet. When I looked in, it was moving. It was the scariest thing I have ever seen and felt surreal. I called and went in for a sono immediately. The original prregnancy was still there and looking great. I didn't see my dr I saw the dr on call. I explained to him what I passed but he still thinks it's a subcronic hematoma. He said there's a chance it was a second pregnancy but we can't be sure. We will know more at my next sono. This is all so much to deal with. I'm so scared that this will cause a miscarriage. 
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