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Physical Activity?? Help!

hey ladies!! 

Im interviewing / meeting about a job at a family resource centre near by and I need your help!! 

We are looking to start some physical activity programs for parents, children, and parents/children together. I'm looking for some feedback while I put some programming together!! 

If available in your area what would you like to see??

would you bring your toddlers to a group for some physical activity/games run by a leader? 
Would you bring young children up to age 6? What type of things would you like to see? Fitness lead such as a fitness class or more fun games that involve a lot of movement? Or would you rather have a parent / kid (age 3-6) class where you both do the same exercises?? 

How about with your infant. At this age would you go to a class if you could bring them with you? What would you like to see here? Using your baby as your weight maybe and working out with them?

how about on your own. Maybe pre or post natal? 

What would you like to see? A variety of different classes each week (one week yoga, one week Zumba, etc?) or more consistency?? 

Feedback is much appreciated!! 

Re: Physical Activity?? Help!

  • Not sure if it helps but I try go to a Cardio Kickboxing class twice a week at my local Y. I really enjoy it. I did this before pregnancy, while pregnant, and now post pregnancy.
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  • I would love evening mommy & me classes. The mama-baby yoga classes and stroller strides or whatever they're called all tend to be in the morning during the week around here. I'd love to be able to take her with me in the early evening (after work) - especially once i'm back to work! Or if they're earlier in the day, have them on the weekends.

    When she gets to be a toddler, I like the idea of yoga. The idea of something really lively with a bunch of other kiddos (whether it be activity-focused or exercises) sounds stressful to me. :|

    Since I started being physical again, I've only been going alone. I play futsal on Friday evenings and go to a body pump class on Wednesday evenings. For me, it's been hard to stay motivated (i skipped futsal this past Friday) to keep going—and I was super active pre-pregnancy. So, if anything, maybe I need more of a support system (maybe a program or a really great instructor/coach), not necessarily more variety/types of classes? idk! 
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  • I'd be super interested in more classes where I could bring LO. And like @hoosiermama I'd like more evening or weekend classes. 
  • I third the evening classes! But I think it's different for @kristah2 because new Mom's have more time off, right?

    For ages 2.5-3 and under a consistent parent-child activity that builds on skills would be awesome. Whether that be musical or physical. We currently do swim class for this reason. The repetition allows for LO to know what to expect and practice. I think Gymboree is like that too. 

    Ages 3 and up I would prefer a more dedicated practice to something like soccer or dance or whatever the preference is that perhaps rotators every few months for exposure to alternative activities. 

    And as for being a new mom, baby yoga and Zumba would be nice options, but again, in the evening or weekends. 
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  • Thanks ladies! Keep the feedback coming!!

    and yes @SandNStarsNJ here almost all new moms get 12 months off so easy to do baby and parent class during the day! After the first year evenings and weekends are definitely the way to go. 
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