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Pregnant after 35


Hello! I was active on one of the infertility boards last year, but after 2 failed medicated cycles, 1 failed IUI, and being told we're not candidates for IVF my DH and I gave up. We have a 2-year-old DS and we had gotten used to the fact that he would be an only child. I turned 40 in October. Much to our surprise we found out a couple of weeks ago that we're pregnant! I'm between 7-10 weeks. Our first sonogram is tomorrow to get a more accurate due date. I'm so nervous. I'm praying there's a heartbeat and everything looks like it should. Looking forward to this crazy journey!

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  • Hello and welcome, @megnmichael*!
    Congratulations!  :)
    My fiancé and I suffered male (and unexplained) infertility with 4 back to back early losses over 2.5 years, had a failed IUI and was told we would absolutely need IVF. After the sobering reality that we were unable to afford it at this time, I began to accept perhaps it wasn't in our cards. I even started looking into domestic foster/adoption...and then we got pregnant. 
    It was a total shock and a HUGE BLESSING! 

    I have four other children, DD (turns 20 a day after my EDD), DS 18, DD 13, DD almosy 10. 

    This board is super quiet, but I do miss it. Last year it was hopping! I love that there's a place for women over 35!
    How are you feeling?

    Oh and I'm from Portland, Or, 
    16wks 2days 
    EDD August 19th 
    Team Pink 

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  • A lurker during my first pregnancy as all the rules/rude comments/faux pas I was sure to make scared me away, but gonna try and participate a little this time.  Second time mom here, LO just 13 months, working part time.  Very newly pregnant after PPT on 6/24 and unsure of dates because of an atypical wonkey cycle in May.  An idea that my EDD is first week of March but my first came at 37.5 weeks so may be a February baby after all.  Congratulations to everyone here! 
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