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Did it take awhile to get a bfp for anyone? Short into and question

Hi ladies. I am jumping over from the IF board. My DH and I have been trying for our second for 3 years now. We are just restarting treatment this month. However, I am currently at least 6 days late (my AF shows up around 29-31 days regularly and I am on day 38 right now). I have taken 5 pregnancy tests and all have been negative. I am feeling more pregnant everyday though. 

So my question is, did it take anyone awhile before they got their bfp? I am starting to worry that this might be a cyst (never had one before though) or something else. Also, I am calling my doctor on Monday, but I just needed to talk to someone because this is driving me nuts!

Re: Did it take awhile to get a bfp for anyone? Short into and question

  • @Ttcnumber2withhypo How are you tracking ovulation?

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  • I was temping, and when I was going to my RE I got regular US and bloodwork. I always ovulated between cd18 and 21. The last few months we were taking a break from ttc before we started again. So, at least for this month it was by calendar only. 
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  • If the hpt is negative you are not pregnant at this time. Symptoms and timing of your period don't hold much water as your cycle can become irregular for many reasons.
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  • @meggyme yes, I know. Unfortunately going through 3 years of IF you become very familiar with all this. However, this is very unusual for me and I guess I am just hoping that this is really a pregnancy. 
  • @Ttcnumber2withhypo I would guess that you ovulated late this cycle. From everything I've read and talked to my RE about, by the time you're feeling actual pregnancy symptoms you should be able to turn a test. For me, any symptoms I had were the same as those that come before AF, so there really was no distinguishing. GL, though! 

  • When I found out I was pregnant in July, I didn't take a test until I was 5 days late. I got the faintest positive you could imagine. I later found out that I must have ovulated late, because my due date got pushed back 5 days also. I have very regular Cycles, so this surprised me. Maybe you did just ovulate late.
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  • The "if you're pregnant enough to have symptoms you should turn a test" wasn't true for me.  I had symptoms for about a week before I turned a test positive (i was testing like every day bc I just KNEW I had to be pregnant). Best of luck!!
  • I just wrote a really long reply, but I see this is a older post. So what happened?

    It took us 6 years, years to get a positive. 
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    It took us 21 months to get our bfp.
    We tried naturally for 12 months before getting referred to a fertility clinic.  I did one round of clomid 100mg in Feb 2017 and hated every minute of it (the crazy symptoms, and not to mention spotting from 6dpo....), so I only did that one round.
    We got our natural BFP this April <3.  I truly believe my acupuncturist had a big hand in this, as well as prescribing traditional chinese medicine for progesterone support (in my case) 
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