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October 2017 Moms

So. Tired.

Does anyone have any great suggestions to keep their energy up??? I work anywhere from 7-14 hours per shift and it's getting hard! I work with special needs students so some days are more active then others

Re: So. Tired.

  • I haven't suffered from morning sickness but I'm getting hit ten fold with being exhausted! I have found that the days I do the prenatal yoga DVD with Shiva Rea I get a surge of energy and feel less run down.
  • Keep moving!! I've been sooo tired but the days I workout or even just go for a walk i feel much better.  
  • Why don't you check out the weekly symptoms thread.  Lots of mammas talking about this.

    It sucks now but by second trimester you get all that energy back and it's amazing.  Not much we can do but just bear through it.  Hopefully you're getting close.

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