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Are pocket diapers too gross?

I'm working on my diaper stash and was planning to do half the stash prefolds and covers and the other half either fitteds or AIOs. However, I got a bunch of prefolds and started prepping them and realized they take way longer than I thought they would to dry! Fitteds and AIOs will take even longer, so I'm considering pocket or sleeve diapers for the other half of my stash instead. H and I are hesitant about using pocket diapers because you have to unstuff them before laundering. Isn't that gross to do? (I know it's probably not bad if it's just a pee diaper, but if poop has gotten up the back of the diaper I may not want to reach my hand in there.)

Re: Are pocket diapers too gross?

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    We use pocket diapers and profiles and both are equally "gross" when it comes to poop. I don't think we've ever had a problem with poop spreading to the point we couldn't get the insert out without minimal fuss. But, like I said, it's about the same either way for us. 
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    I thought the concept of pockets was disgusting when I was making my first stash but they ended up being great diapers and no extra mess for me.  Personally, I prefer AI2's but pockets are very absorbent.
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    I know a couple people who absolutely love pockets. It's all kind of gross!

    Also, I have heard that if you buy double ended pocket diapers (holes on both ends), the inserts will come out in the wash so you don't need to do it yourself. I've never tried it, but people were discussing it on a CD forum I'm on. They said it worked pretty well. 
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    Not sure how much shorter on dry time with the sewn in microfiber etc.  Flats dry the quickest, but we're talking about totally different systems when you compare prefolds to pockets.  So it really depends mpre on what features/ functionality you're after 

    Eta bestbottoms has an insert + wipeable cover.  Both should dry quicker than most pockets imho, but not btdt.  People love Best bottoms for AI2
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    IMO, this is the reason why I switch from cloth to disposable diaper, it's gross. Unlike the disposable diaper, you just toss and go. I personally used Pampers.
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    Now that I have a little more experience with my nb AIOs / pockets, (sweetpea, totsbots v4, born smart, thirsties natural, funkyfluff, bumgenius littles) I haven't had to remove the inserts at all for the sweetpea or totsbots (which is a tongue-style).  After they are washed, I unsnap the born smart inner layers to improve dry time.  I found the synthetic sweetpea diapers and inserts dry first compared to the natural fibers, but the natural fibers have their benefits that make it work running the drier a second time.

    My favourites are still my hemp/cotton prefolds + covers, and natural fiber fitteds for overnight.  The covers I pull out of the wash and hang to let air dry, and the natural fiber insides take a while to tumble but for me, it's worth it.  I try to save my AIOs/pockets for the diaper bag, other caregivers, quick changes etc.
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