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one or two embryos?

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After our last failed transfer we decided right after that we are putting in 2 next instead of 1 like last time. We want a baby, and we want one now. We aren't ready to go through another month of 5K just to put another bad one in (also given we haven't done the special testing, we technically don't know which ones are normal). I mentioned this to my Dr. over the phone and he was all on board with me. I felt good about it, I'd feel so luckily if at least one caught.

Fast fwd to today about 12 days later my Dr. is normally super conservative and tries to push all of his patients to put in one at a time to avoid a risky pregnancy like twins. He basically told me that he doesn't think its so crazy to put two in given our last failed attempt, but he got me to question more if we are doing the right thing. He gave me examples about the risks involved if we did end up with twins, which didn't sound so attractive so to speak, I'll spare you the details. So if any of you have advice, opinions or rationals about 1 vs 2 please share! thanks in advance!

Re: one or two embryos?

  • My doctor is also very conservative and pushes to only do one. We agreed because my daughters delivery was traumatic so we agreed one baby is the way to go- for us.

    as for twins, yes in general I've heard harder pregnancies.. I have a few friends with twins (some through IVF) and some ended up on bedrest and some born early and ended up in the NICU. That played in, having one kid already I just can't imagine being on bed rest as that seems to be more common with twins (I'm a work at home mom) or having them have complications. That being said, other twin moms had no issues and delivered fine (still early which is normal but not needing NICU). 

    How was your egg quality? It's such a gamble, huh? Mine was good and husbands sperm was good so we didn't test and only put in one.


    it worked but I'm still anxious (very very early still). Theres no magic answer but a few friends went to my same doc who really insists on only one embryo and though a handful had failures, they both have two kids each through this doctor (and no twins). So I'm just trusting and crossing fingers :) good luck to you!!
  • Thanks @PolythenePam! glad to hear your transfer was successful! that definitely gives me some hope. Always happy to hear positive stories and wishing you a healthy pregnancy. Thanks also for sharing some positive stories on twins, it does make me feel a bit better about it. My Dr. really scared me with a story that happened to him recently and it really shook me up.

    As for our "quality" all tests show we should have normal sperm & egg. I don't have a low supply or issues with my lining, but I guess who the hell really knows. Last month technically should of worked. In a perfect world I think we would do one egg at a time, but at this point we are emotionally drained and I keep seeing the age gap for my son and this other future sibling getting bigger and bigger as time flies by. It is totally a gamble, but something tells me this is what we need to do, even if the outcome maybe twins. Hoping at least one good one will catch and that would be it. 
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  • I totally understand! If I hadn't had a bad delivery with my daughter I probably would consider two embryos too. I THINK I want 3 kids so that would take care of that, and plenty of moms go through IVF and have twins and have no issues, just two healthy babies :) I get it with the age gap too, what pushed us to do IVF sooner than probably needed but we just want more kids and my daughter is literally asking for a baby, plus we are so over this. Keep us posted, wishing you lots of luck!
  • I don't have experience with this (IUI folks here) but i think in your situation, I'd do the same.  I am so so hopeful for you!
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