Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Sleep advise???

My 13 month old son was sleeping mostly through the night. We did the CIO method about a month ago and since then he would either sleep through the night or get up once. When he did get up, we would just go in and tell him it was still bedtime and he would lay right back down and go back to sleep.  This week he suddenly changed and will not even lay down in his crib. One night he stood crying in his crib for 2.5 hours before I gave in and got him. He almost acts afraid and screams whenever you even get close to the crib. I don't understand what happened or changed. Our routine has stayed the same, he has not had any new foods, etc. Any advise???

Re: Sleep advise???

  • My son has done that twice at various times. He is 18 months and each time it lasted for about a week. We just kept with his schedule and I would go in and comfort him until he went to sleep again.  It passed.  Hang in and keep doing what you are doing 
  • smn14smn14 member
    My 12month old did this while her top teeth were coming in...seemed like lying down hurt her more. It passed quickly 
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