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One Car Household

Anyone here make the transition to one car to be able to afford being a SAHM?

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    legomalegoma member
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    We transitioned from two cars to one car right before my son was born. It worked for about 4 years. What helped was that my husband worked graveyard the first year & we moved nearby close to his work place when he switched jobs the following year. This allowed us to coordinate doctor appointment, etc. Groceries & stuff like that were done when he wasn't working. My first was also a preemie baby so for about 6 months after the baby came home I/we didn't take him anywhere unless we absolutely needed to. Unless you have like a job or something of that nature it's possible, it just takes teamwork, flexibility, & communication. Best wishes with your decision!

    By the way the only reason we got a second car after was because we had paid our car off & we were way past the diapers, bottles, & all that stuff. With a four year old we weren't spending as much money as we were for like a baby & even though kids grow fast. It seems like at around that age clothes is more manageable than infants are.
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    We started with one car which my husband used to commute to and from work but public transportation sucks here so I felt trapped at home with baby. We are now with 2 cars and it's better for us. I think in the beginning it's easier to have 1 car but as baby gets older it will most likely change. 
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    Yea I think for the first 6 months it is possible bc you’re super tired anyway. But then you need to get out for sanity. If you live in a walkable location to things may be doable. We’ve had one car for the past 4 months until my husband started his new job and it was just very inconvenient. Idk if I would enjoy staying home as much if I was trapped at home. 
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