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2 days ago, my husband and I drove to our doctors office with bleeding, discharge, and heavy abdominal cramping. After several days of doctors telling me to rest and hydrate they checked my cervix and I was fully dilated at 20 weeks. I will never forget the moment the doctor told us we would probably lose our baby...Immediately I was rushed up to L&D and put in trendiliburg for the next 6 hours before delivering our beautiful baby boy, Wes Michael. Although it was a devastating day, I feel so blessed that my husband and I got three hours to hold him before he passed away. 

We are home now and figuring out how to navigate our new "normal"...I have a couple weeks off of work to recover from the D&C which is good to be able to have time to grieve..our lives seem so empty now. My belly is empty and the nursery is empty. I don't really have a specific question, just feeling isolated and alone and am not really ready to talk about it with friends or family at this point in time. 

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  • The new normal is hard. It does get easier though. I promise. I lost my son (my first pregnancy) on Jan 21st at 31 weeks. It was a hypertensive infarction of the placenta. Essentially the placenta had a heart attack. It was nice to hold him and we got him baptized. The memory helps and after all the arrangements are made it quiets down. After the passing of the first month I feel I've been coping pretty well until last night. I watched Alvin and the Chipmunk's great adventure. It was my favorite movie as a child and on a whim I decided to watch it. When the chippettes were singing to that little penguin I just cried and cried. His due date is coming up on March 17th. I know that day is gonna suck just so much.

    Hang in there and don't forget to let your frustration out. *hugs*
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  • I'm so very sorry for the loss of your sweet little Wes. It's heartbreaking and terribly unfair. I'm glad you got some time with him, that's so wonderful. 

    I'm sorry I am late to this post, but I try to check in here every so often. Please feel free to reach out to us. Hugs <3 

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  • Thinking of you @JDCS0523 on your sons due date
  • thank you @Chrissycarrell. It was tough but I made it through! 
    BFP 7/2016 - DS stillborn 31w 1/21/17 due to placental abruption
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  • So very sorry for the loss of your son Wes - sending hugs your way. 
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