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What day to start testing opk after first AF

So I miscarried on 1/30 just got AF. I had a 25-26 day cycle before and I do know that my cycle may change.  

I don't want to miss ovulation window.  What day did you start testing with OPKs.  I have the clear blue advanced digital at home as well as many cheapos.  I am thinking the clear blue has the earliest day to test at CD7 so thinking I may start the cheapos then.  Last time when I got pregnant the test was positive on about CD13 but again don't want to miss window.

I am new to this testing January was the first month of OPKs for me and that is all I have used.  I see people say they use the cheapos daily to see it increase and confirm with clear blue digital but wouldn't that be too late.  I thought the clear blue digital catches it earlier or is supposed to.


Re: What day to start testing opk after first AF

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    @Leesa926 If you know your HCG is 0 and won't turn the OPKs falsely positive, you can start when you normally would.
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    Thanks.  My level is definitely zero I have just heard that the cycles could still be a little wonky and some have said it is earlier.  Just checking I have leftover clear blue so not too big of a problem
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    I would start the day AF ends.  I'm pretty sure I missed my O the first cycle after MC.   I started testing day after AF after that and have been able to turn OPKs since. 
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    vlagrl29vlagrl29 member
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    I didn't track the month right after my CP so I'm no help.  This cycle however is back to normal and I started testing OPKs CD11 - positive on CD16.  I have a 30 day cycle
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    Yah, I did them everyday after I got to 0.  It was a while though before I O'd but I didn't want to miss it. 
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