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Anxiety for first appointment

Hi ladies, I am 8 weeks and 6 days today. I have my first OB appointment on Monday; I will be 9 weeks and 4 days. I'm getting super anxious. I have not seen the doctor yet since I had confirmation that I am pregnant. My ultrasound is scheduled first, then I have an appointment scheduled for the OB intake. Did anyone feel anxious, or paranoid, or scared before their first appointment? I'm trying to stay calm, and not think negatively about anything. 

Re: Anxiety for first appointment

  • samyvsamyv member
    I know! my appointment is on Tuesday and I'm freaking out. *TW* My last appt was extremely disappointing and we found out it wasn't a good pregnancy which led to a MC. This was at 6-7 weeks though so I'm trying to stay positive knowing I've passed that time. Even though it doesn't make sense. Pregnant Lady logic I guess. 

    Good luck to you! :) 
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  • I was soooo worried and we ended up having to cancel and move the appt by a week because my hubby had a meeting and really wanted to come! That extra week KILLED me. But it was amazing bc after the appt, ALL the fear I'd been feeling up until then kinda melted away. I'd been living in constant fear that I was gonna miscarry, and the appt really helped w that. Especially bc at just 6 weeks we got to see the heartbeat on sonogram! That was truly incredible. Good luck to you, hopefully you feel better once you get thru this first appt!!
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  • It is so easy to worry when there is so much unknown. But I have to remind myself that there is absolutely nothing that worrying can accomplish. Try to keep yourself busy and make plans until then. Hoping you will get a strong heartbeat that will ease all your fears on Monday!!! 
  • I had my first one yesterday, and I was incredibly worried and anxious beforehand. I was trying to prepare myself for the worst while still hoping for the best. It honestly wasn't until we saw the little heartbeat on the screen that I finally relaxed. I totally understand where you're coming from. Best of luck to you!
  • I don't have my first appointment until march 7 and it's killing me! I am so anxious and nervous. With my first, I was seeing a fertility dr, so I had so much blood work and two or three ultrasounds before I was 8 weeks along. This waiting for the appointment is so difficult.
    i will be sending lots of positive thoughts everyone's way and hope for some worry free days!!
  • I am a stress head when it comes to being pregnant! I found out I was pregnant at around 4 weeks and knew I couldn't until 12 weeks for my first scan. I booked a private one at six weeks. They said I might not be 6 weeks because baby was so small, so going back for another this weekend. I also registered with the birthing centre over 3 weeks ago and still haven't been given my first midwife appointment!!! It's driving me crazy.
  • dmellis02dmellis02 member
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    The wait is driving me crazy!  They won't see me until I'm nine weeks, so my first appointment is March 27th and I'll be 9w6d.  It's hard to not be anxious and not worry - especially because my symptoms are so mild compared to my last pregnancy.  I know I should be happy, but that helps with   
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  • It will always drive you crazy. 3rd pregnancy and literally every appointment I feel like I will break out in hives before hand. I thought it would get better once they're born. Nope. Only gets worse. You worry about your children All. The. Time.  In the belly or out lol
  • @kkerner87 That is so true!  My anxiety levels never decreased when I had my son!
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  • I had my first appt Feb 27 and leading up to that, I had to wait 4 weeks and was nervous and worried. Weird to say, but the only thing that calmed me down was my morning sickness! Since it was ongoing, I kept telling myself that everything was a-ok! At my appt I was 8wks and 1day, the ultrasound was the best thing ever! Seeing the little peanut and hearing the heartbeat! I will be definitely sending positive thoughts and vibes everyone's way!
  • Thank you all for reassurance, I can't wait until Monday. I've been throwing up nearly every morning so I keep reminding myself that is a great sign that baby is doing okay. I will update everyone after my appointment on Monday!
  • Mom life! Lol. First time she slept through the night, I woke up in a massive panic,rushed over to her bassinet and scooped her up to make sure she was still breathing lol. 
  • @kkerner87 DD is 2.5 and a horrible sleeper and earlier waker. I still freak in the odd event she sleeps past 7 am.
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  • ksf13ksf13 member
    My first ultrasound is today and I'm 8w5d. I'm super nervous as well. I've been relying on all of my nausea and exhaustion to calm me down a little too. Hope all goes well for you and time passes quick until your appointment. Mine isn't until 3:30 today and it's been the LONGEST DAY! 
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  • I just received a letter with my first's not until the 31st march!!!! That sucks.
  • I have to wait 2 more weeks still...march 17th!! Ahhhh time is dragging.  Good luck to everyone with earlier ultrasounds!!
  • I have to wait until the 15th. I made my appt 2 weeks ago. It's been a waiting game from hell. My anxiety is heightened big time. But every day I remember to just try and enjoy it because I know after that first appt, it just flies by! 

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  • My first appointment is on Tuesday. I'm nervous but I have a friend coming with me since DH has jury duty. I was told they wouldn't do an ultrasound this time so it's ok that he's not coming. What I'm mostly nervous about is I know they'll probably draw some blood for blood work and the last time I tried that (before being pregnant) I passed out. 
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  • I remember being so anxious with my first pregnancy about the first appointment but this time I'm much more relaxed.  I remember counting down each day, double and triple checking my paperwork and taking a pregnancy test each week just to see the line get darker.  

    I definitely wish it was sooner but if all goes according to plan, this will be my last pregnancy/baby so I sort of want to savor every moment of it.  Even if I don't feel so hot right now.  ;)
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  • My first appointment was at 6 weeks. The doctor did an exam, and a regular POS pregnancy test. She said at my first prenatal appointment they would do an ultrasound and all that but its not until March 28th.. I'll be 10 1/2 weeks. It seems so far away!
  • SandyL712SandyL712 member
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    I am losing my mind with the wait! I had my BFP  Feb 4th and when I called doc to confirm and make an appointment they told me they don't do confirmation blood work anymore and they scheduled my prenatal instruction appointment for March 14 and my first OB appointment for March 22! I'll be 11 weeks by then!
    I wound up having blood work and ultrasound because I've been having spotting and they called me and told me everything looks normal but it's killing me that I didn't get to see the ultrasound! I'm so not patient and it's making me crazy! Why are they making me wait so damn long!?
  • My first pregnancy was perfect. Everything was as it should so I though this is what each of my pregnancies will be like. Well I was wrong and 2 ended in MC. Since then, I'm a total wreck waiting for every u/s or blood work result. The reason so many of us have earlier u/s is because of a previous issues. I wish I could have that peace of mind back like I had with my 1st. Ahh. I was so relaxed! We had to wait forever for an u/s but we were fine with it...I want to enjoy every moment but I wish I could have a minute by minute confirmation that the baby is ok
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  • Sucks, Im 7weeks 1 day right now so I just called to schedule my first visit for next week. They said they no longer do 8 week apt visits at Kaiser face to face. That it is now just a phone call visit with a nurse. And the 1st ultrasound gets scheduled out further.  :s
  • @kmcdaniel7 If it helps, I am with Kaiser as well and after the phone appointment, my first appointment will be at 8w5d so hopefully you won't have to wait too long. They told me on the phone I would have another appointment  about 3 weeks after that as well. I know the wait is hard, but hopefully it will be shorter than you think. 

  • My first appointment is Thursday and I'm getting nervous...Thankfully DH will be there but so will my girls so I'm really hoping everything is OK because I don't want them to see me cry over something they don't actually know about yet but I don't have much of a choice about bringing them 

  • @kmcdaniel7 I also have Kaiser, and I had a phone appointment around 6w and first OB appointment/ultrasound at 8w. Hopefully they won't make you wait too much longer!
  • GenTKGenTK member
    My first appointment is today and I'm freaking out as well. I don't have anyone to go with me and DH doesn't even know yet because he's working in another city. I'm going to visit him this weekend and tell him, but it means for today I am alone. I don't have any family around me here and I really don't have any close friends that I trust to invite along. 
    What I'm most worrried about is that I will find out some type of bad news that I'll have to deal with completely on my own because of choosing to wait to tell DH. I'm so afraid that telling him is going to turn into a "well I was pregnant but....". I have a very close friend that lives halfway across the county that knows, she thinks that waiting to tell him makes perfect sense and is the right thing, so I'm not questioning that, it's more like what I'm doing to myself if today isn't good news. 
  • Baby is perfect! Heartbeat was 183, and the peanut was moving like crazy. 
  • @GenTK how did it go???
  • GenTKGenTK member
    @AiramH It went fine! I'm just a crazy ball of anxiety. He didn't want to do and US yet, I have an appointment to go back in 3 weeks. DH will know by then as he's being told Saturday so I might move that appointment so DH can join me. My doctor is so sweet and amazing and understanding. This was really a nothing appointment, he mostly just did confirmation and calculated due date (which I had already done). After that he just spent some time talking to me about how I'm feeling, how I'm doing with DH around, and doctors and facilities in the area where DH works and we will be moving as a family in June. My doctor used to be in that area and knows me very well so he knew all about the birthing center I was already looking into and said it would great for me. I am going to miss my doctor when we move, but I'm so glad to have him right now when I'm feeling so crazed. 
  • I have a friend who is also pregnant. She doesn't want to see a male doctor so she made an appointment with a female doctor in our town. When she called to set up her first appointment they asked her to bring proof of pregnancy. I have never heard of this and was just wondering if anyone else has ever had their OB ask for proof? I thought that's what the pregnancy confirmation appointment was for. 
  • @Kaleighwilliams1224 I've never heard of that - unless you are planning to use Medicaid or that type of insurance. When I worked at planned parenthood, I would sometimes have to give a copy of the results as proof of pregnancy for our patients that needed it to pay for their other prenatal services based on their type of insurance. I dunno though. 

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  • My anxiety is through the roof! My first appointment isn't until next week (I'm currently 7w6d.)

    Yesterday I called the office and asked for my doctor to call me because I had a question. She called me and left a voicemail that started like this: "Well, since you are trying to get pregnant...." UM, excuse me!!! I'm guessing it was an administrative mix-up from whoever gave her the message, but still. ANXIOUS. 
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  • mrs_foguemrs_fogue member
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    Kaleighwilliams1224 my OB requires proof of pregnancy  before scheduling an appointment.  Basically they want you to have a pregnancy test done at their office or a clinic.  Guessing they had a bunch of "I think I'm pregnant" appointments and they really weren't?  IDK, I had to do with both times now.   

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