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I had a D&C November 4 at 9.5 weeks (mmc at 6 weeks). I know it takes time to regulate after something like this, but just wondering how messed up everyone cycles have been after D&C? I used to be the definition of regular with my cycles, but now everything is all over the place.......I can't figure out when af will arrive and/or if I'm ovulating because i don't have a fortune to spend on ovulation kits, although I track my cm (which had aided in conception twice, unfortunately both ended in mc). Pretty sure I didn't ovulate 3 cycles ago as i had only 1 day of breakthrough spotting 1 day earlier then expected af and had no ewcm. 2 cycles ago I had ov spotting, mild cramps, & ewcm at cd12+14 but then af was 6 days late and very light/short. This cycle it was cd9 I had ewcm, mild cramps & spotting. Since my D&C, I have crazy pms symptoms for pretty much my entire luteal phase (I had bad pms before but this is extreme). Tender breasts, weird cramping (from approaching expected ovulation to day after af starts), extreme nausea (wouldn't think this is pms but ive been charting my symptoms daily for few months), and very tired!! Im not asking anyone for a diagnosis or anything, just wondering if anyone has had a complete change in their usual cycles after a D&C (sorry im not looking for experiences after a natural mc as I have experienced this already). And if yes, did it ever regulate naturally to what it was prior to D&C or did it stay different and become the new 'norm"? Thanks in advance ladies!

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  • I had d & c in august 2016.  I was regular just like you before TTC.  Since d & c my cycles have been all over the place.  The first month it was like a 34 day cycle and they have slowly shortened and got back to my 28 day cycle.  However, my body is not the same.  Ovulation is different and PMS is different.  I think my body has adjusted to a new norm finally but I still think it slightly varies each month.  Hope you get some sense of normal back soon! 
  • I did not have a D&C but wanted to say you should check out Wondfo OPKs on Amazon. They are super cheap. Do you take your temp? That often helps me predict AF.
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  • Thanks you very much ladies for ur replies and advice/experiences! I'm hoping i regulate again......or at least I start learning all my new pms symptoms so it's a bit easier to know what's going on and/or what to expect each month. I've only been temping for 2 months now (and it's a vicks thermometer so not as sensitive as an actual bbt thermometer) so unfortunately it's not very reliable for me. Most fluctuation before my last af I could notice was a .2 degree drop lasting 1 day (2 days before af starts).....but until I have more cycles to compare to (or the right thermometer), I can't say for sure if that's the norm. I'm thinking I might invest in a proper thermometer......Im used to being very in tune with my body so this unpredictability is very new and somewhat overwhelming to me 
  • I had a D&C back in 2014 and I returned back to my normal after one cycle. My normal is a cycle lasting anywhere from 28 to 36 days though, so I was never regular like you. It did take six weeks for AF to come back after the D&C. That might not be helpful but it didn't take me long to regulate.
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