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Twatwaffle Tuesday

What is grinding your gears on the last day of February?
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Re: Twatwaffle Tuesday

  • my back and restless leg syndrome!
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  • Definitely in the my sinuses are a TW today (and the last several)! I go from super stuffed up and barely able to breathe out my nose to sneezing like crazy with a faucet for a nose. I have been sleeping even worse than normal because of it and my back is all thrown out of wack too from sleeping in crazy positions to get comfortable. Thinking about caving and calling my chiropractor tomorrow since my normally scheduled appointment isn't until next week.
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  • Everything? My job. My boss. (Actually I still love my coworkers so that's my saving grace). Grad school classes. Grad school group projects. Being exhausted. 

    Okay, done complaining for now. 
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  • @SnarkasaurusRex oh no! I hate days like that!  I had a kid get caught cheating on my test during study hall today, can't wait to deal with that tomorrow  :o
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  • Our department's assistant who is way too excited for me to go on leave because she thinks it means she'll get to take over my work. Totally twat. 
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