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Battledore Placenta/Marginal Cord Insertion

Okay ladies, need your help calming my fears! Hopefully this is the okay place to post this but please guide me elsewhere if not.

Had my follow up today and was told I have a marginal insertion of the umbilical cord, "Battledore Placenta." Basically it's suppose to be in the middle but is inserted close to the edge. Doctor assured me multiple times she was not stressed and that baby boy looks perfect so far. Wants to do an additional ultrasound at 28 weeks to make sure he's growing as normal, I'm 23 weeks now. Trying to not read too much on Dr. Google. Have any of you ladies dealt with this before? Did you have issues with fetal growth or anything else?

Appreciate any insight. Thanks so much.

Re: Battledore Placenta/Marginal Cord Insertion

  • I haven't personally had this situation but I do fetal ultrasounds and a marginal placental insertion, like your doctor said, isn't something to stress about. The most common complication caused from it is a small baby. If your baby is measuring great now then the placenta is doing its job. But that's why they will check your baby again in a couple months.... just to make sure he is still growing good:)
  • Thank you so much Carley! That makes me feel a lot better! :)

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