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How would you spell this name?


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  • laurenm2123laurenm2123
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    Alicia? As in Alicia Silverstone

    Not sure if that's what you're going for
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  • I agree with pp, I would spell it Alicia. But I think most people would pronounce that like uh-lee-sha. I can't really think of a different way to spell it to get the pronunciation you are looking for. 
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  • Alicia. You may have to correct some people who mispronounce it as "uh-lee-sha," but that is the appropriate spelling.
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  • The closest that I can think of other than "Alicia" is "Elysia", but I believe that is still pronounced "Eh-LISS-ee-a" or "Eh-LISH-ee-a". 
  • How would you spell this name?

    I guess another way could be Alisia. Behind the name shows it as a variant of Alicia but I think it would give you the pronunciation you are looking for.  
  • glitterfish-2glitterfish-2
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    This is my girl name!
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  • Alicia.

    However, that spelling has two pronunciations. The more common one is uh-lee-sha.

    Elysia is a good alternative.
  • Alicia, like Alicia Silverstone
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