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AF after a miscarriage question

So I had my first pregnancy and miscarriage on 1/30/17.  I was only about 4.5 weeks from last period so very early.  If I wasn't trying (it was first try so hoping that is a good sign we got pregnant) I would have just thought it was a late period.  I only knew as I asked my regular doctor to do a blood test and my HCG was 70 the Wed before.  I went to ER as doc suggested (they didnt know if I was RH negative) so ER had my HCG at 5 so complete miscarriage.  That was Mon by Friday my HCG was -2.

Here I am exactly 4 weeks late impatiently waiting for AF.  I know it can be different but I have all the signs.  (I always break out some, etc.).  Well I feel it is coming but only noticing a very small discharge when I wipe (sorry if TMI) just wondering if this is normal... I've never had that before.  Is that spotting?  (I feel silly asking but never had it so not sure what it is like)  It is barely there maybe it is just me thinking and stressing too much and I am seeing things?  I have always been regular with 25-26 day cycle.

Just so confused and stressed with the waiting.  I read stories but none seem as similar to mine so I figured I would ask.  

I am 38 so have the added stress that I waiting too long to try and start a family.

Thanks for the advice appreciate it!

Re: AF after a miscarriage question

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    Check out the miscarriage / pregnancy loss board. There are a variety of things that can happen after. It's usually pretty unpredictable unfortunately.
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  • @Leesa926 my AF was wonky for a while and it took 6 weeks to return.  I'm 6 cycles post and still not sure if it normal.   I hope it arrives soon for you. 
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  • My AF took just under 7 weeks to arrive after my miscarriage. Hope yours arrives soon. 
  • Thanks.  I appreciate it.  I do know it's common hence my post at almost 4am guess I was just stressing.
  • @Leesa926 Sorry it's so stressful waiting for AF. That sounds like spotting to me. I get spotting every month. After a MC, though, the only thing you can count on is that things will be unpredictable. We have women on this board who got AF right on schedule, no problems, women (like myself) who had slightly longer cycles but still within 6 weeks, and women who took months to get AF after a MC. It varies widely and is dependent on how your body responds to the hormone fluctuations. If you go 60 days without AF, though, your OB should be able to give you something to jump start your cycle.
  • For those following or with similar questions I just got AF.

    Miscarriage on 1/30 (actually left ER 1/31) so 4 weeks. 
  • glad she finally came!  @Leesa926
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