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Weekly Fitness Check In - 2.27

Hi there!  Anyone who's trying to lose weight to get extra fit before TTC, join me here!  We are starting TTC in June, and I still have about 15 pounds of baby weight to lose, so I'm going to be veeerrrryyy focused for the next two months (unlike the slacking I've been over the last couple of weeks.)  Join me!

Post your stats, if you'd like, goals and any progress:
What's your plan to get in shape for the next month?
When do you plan to TTC?
What's holding you back from starting now?
GTKY: what are your hobbies?

Re: Weekly Fitness Check In - 2.27

  • Post your stats, if you'd like, goals and any progress:
    SW: 215
    CW: 199
    TTC Goal Weight: 185 or less, which was my pre preg weight (ideally less!)
    I'm going to keep dieting and working out once we start TTC, and it's very unlikely we'll get pregnant the first cycle or two anyway, so I'm really hoping to be at around 150-160 when I get pregnant.  Though we'll see what fate/my metabolism have in mind, ha.

    What's your plan to get in shape for the next month?
    Sticking to about 1400 calories, tracking those calories in My Fitness Pal, working out 3x a week, trying to walk 30 min daily, and do some strength training 2-3x a week.

    When do you plan to TTC?
    June!  Recently moved up from August, so I'm super excited about that!

    What's holding you back from starting now?
    Losing the rest of the baby weight.

    GTKY: what are your hobbies?
    In my free time (ha ha ha) when I'm not working full time or running around after my 1 year old, I write.  I'm nearly done with my first novel (about 8 chapters to go!) and will be starting a screenplay very soon to enter in a contest in May.  I also play music, sing and am an amateur photographer, but haven't had the time for those things in months, sadly.  Once baby is a bit older and our work schedules calm down, I can't wait to revisit those hobbies!
  • SW: 170
    CW:164 :( Last week was bad. I gained instead of lost.
    What's your plan to get in shape for the next month? Try to just watch what I eat - which last week didn't go so well. I would love to get back in the habit of working out but I am really struggling with when I will have time to fit it in.
    When do you plan to TTC? Mayish 
    What's holding you back from starting now? Mainly DH. I was ready a year ago. If things had been on my time table I would currently be pregnant and due the next month or so. I am now glad I waited because it has allowed me some opportunities that I would have missed out on (like grad school) but I am so tired of waiting. Speaking of grad school - that is the other thing holding me back now. I need a due date for after graduation which will be in December. DH wants to wait a little longer because DS2 was a Dec baby and DS3 was a January baby so he would like a little distance between holidays and the boys' birthdays.
    GTKY: what are your hobbies?  I love crafting but rarely have the time or energy to do it. I also love to read. I am excited for spring break - hoping I can have some time to have a little time to do those 2 things.

    @maureenmce That is so cool! What is your book about?
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  • SW: 138
    Goal Weight: 
    What's your plan to get in shape for the next month? Try to be mindful of what I'm eating, try not to go more than 2 days without working out.
    When do you plan to TTC? May
    What's holding you back from starting now? Trying to finish off some financial goals. We aren't going to be totally debt free before TTC but we have done some MAJOR damage to student loans in the past year and a half.
    GTKY: what are your hobbies? I also like to craft but often don't have time or am too lazy! Haha! I have been trying to learn to crochet. Can Netflix count as a hobby???
  • @UterusesBeforeDuderuses Netflix should totally count!! I have actually recently taken up crochet. I take a class once a month. I have a long way to go :/ I am hoping to learn enough to make a baby blanket 
  • @glitzandglitter ooh a once a month class is a really good idea! I should look into that! I took a beginner class awhile ago but something more ongoing would be helpful. 
  • @glitzandglitter  Re: timing and due dates, I obsess about this all the time.  I wish you could just magically pick the month you'll conceive and the due date, especially because I work freelance and there are definitely some months that are tougher than others, in terms of finding work coming out of maternity leave.  Alas, we will take what we can get and figure it out!  ;)  As for my book, I have a superstition about talking about them before I finish the first draft, haha.  I'll tell you once it's done!  (Hopefully in a couple weeks!!!)

    @UterusesBeforeDuderuses  We're also trying to tick off some financial goals before TTC #2!  Especially because the cost of daycare for two makes me want to jump off a cliff!  We actually made a new budget this weekend and are hoping to have 4 out of 5 of our credit cards paid off by summer - woo!  
  • @maureenmce daycare-- OMG. The cost for ONE kid in daycare makes me want to jump off a cliff. We live in a low cost of living area and are def going to spend more on daycare than our mortgage. Ridiculous! Doubling that is just frightening to me. That's awesome on the credit cards!!!! Good for you!

  • Post your stats, if you'd like, goals and any progress: 
    Well I am currently at about 142 which is still a bunch of weight I gained from my last pregnancy but I never lost. Time to lose more of it now. I'd like to lose 5 pounds a month before getting pregnant... Hopefully that's a realistic goal?? Goal weight would be 120, even though I was way less than that before LO#1.
    What's your plan to get in shape for the next month? Working out mainly. I subscribed to an online workout thing, and I've been able to workout 30 min a day at home (for most days) for the past 3 weeks during either naptime or after LO is asleep. My goal is to maintain that 5 out of 7 days. And cut out drinking, which I should do anyway while TTC :)
    When do you plan to TTC? asap. Ideally by May, if my body allows it. Well we're not preventing at the moment, but I don't have my period back yet (still breastfeeding my 13 month old). 
    What's holding you back from starting now? Gotta get my period back.
    GTKY: what are your hobbies? painting, music (I play the bass, though it's been too long) and before LO, I used to do aerial arts (silks and trapeze). Mainly Netflix now though :) 
  • maureenmcemaureenmce member
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    Guys - I decided to jumpstart this whole fitness thing by giving up SNACKS for Lent.  I literally already regret it, but I think it'll really help with my weight loss goals.  Wish me luck!!!

    @UterusesBeforeDuderuses  There is one good thing about that: it doesn't exactly double because most daycares offer cheaper prices for older kids.  So, even though our daycare is horrifyingly expensive, by the time another LO comes along, my DD will be in 2 year and up classes, which are about $500 a month cheaper than what we're currently paying.  It'll still be a LOT though, but at least not double.  :)  
  • Since I'm already bringing up ghost posts....

    Post your stats, if you'd like, goals and any progress: I started at 155, my highest weight ever. I weighed less than that when I gave birth. I am currently around 126 but fluctate a few pounds here or there. I'm not trying to lose any more, I just want to drop fat and maintain under 130.
    What's your plan to get in shape for the next month? I started my weight loss with Couch to 5k and eventually worked up to running 4 miles, three times a week. I got a little burned out and recently started mixing in some Beach Body workouts and elliptical sessions into the mix. I try to get in 3-4 workouts a week. 
    When do you plan to TTC? Hoping by May but would ditch the pills now if my husband okay'd it. 
    What's holding you back from starting now? My husband. 
    GTKY: what are your hobbies? My current hobbies include staring at the backside of a giraffe while catching up on my taped Matlock episodes  :D

    On our way to baby #2!
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  • notthefathernotthefather member
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    @maureenmce : One of the moms at my daughter's daycare has triplets. The thought of her tuition bill makes me hyperventilate a little. 

    Edited for grammar. 

    On our way to baby #2!
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    EDD March 12, 2018

  • @notthefather  Omg, triplets!  I cannot even imagine.  If we have twins this go around, one of us would simply have to stop working.  A toddler plus twins would bring our monthly daycare bills up to over $4000.  (!!!!)  No way in the world.  

    In good news, just typing that out made the daycare costs for two suddenly seem reasonable for the first time ever, lol.
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