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Finally off bottle...won't drink milk

So, my 21 month old finally is off the bottle. It was her one comfort item and I waited awhile to take it away. I know she should have been off of it awhile ago but it is what it is. So, about 2 weeks ago we finally took them away. She would drink water and such from sippy cups but her milk was in bottles. My problem now is that she won't drink any milk. I have tried tons of different sippy cups offering her the milk and she refuses to drink it. Has anyone else been in this situation? I'm not sure what to do. I am making sure she is getting some calcium in other ways. However, it is no where near what she was having with all of her milk consumption. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated to help get her drinking some milk again. Thanks!
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Re: Finally off bottle...won't drink milk

  • We transitioned to sippy cups and milk earlier than you did, but my son did not drink much milk from sippy cups in the beginning, either. I started using sippys that had spouts similar to bottle nipples, and branched out from there. Or maybe it's the shape of the cup itself, and your LO would prefer a sippy that is shaped more like a bottle. Tall and held by the actual sides of the cup instead of by handles sticking off the side. Something like this

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  • Thanks so much for the suggestion! I appreciate it very much. I have tried a soft spout on like this but will have to try this one out! :)
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  • My oldest refused milk after I weaned, but I kept offering and in the meantime just included as much dairy in other forms in her diet as I could. It took a couple months but she eventually started drinking it w/o issue.
  • Thank you very much for your response! This gives me some hope that she will start drinking milk again. 
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  • If sippy cups don't work, you could also try an open cup. My DS would not drink milk out of bottles or sippy cups (only breastfed until then) at a year so we offered small amounts in a regular cup which he loved. Just start with very small amounts until they get used to it and spill less.


  • Not sure why I didn't think of that ;) Thanks so much!!
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  • Also try a straw cup, my son never took a sippy, we use a munchkin straw cup for water and a disposable/reuseable Babies R Us brand straw cup for milk (much easier to clean than the valve straws and the bottoms fit the sippy cup tops too. When we weaned from bottles at 14 months he went on a milk strike for 4 days, then started drinking milk but cut his drinking by 25%-75% depending on the day and increased his solid food intake (he was filling up on milk from his bottles).
  • My son never liked regular milk and his pediatrician suggested other types like almond milk and he just doesn’t like it. She also said as long as he is getting his servings of dairy each day it’s okay. So we always make sure he has whole milk yogurt and whole milk cheese with his meals and he’s absolutely fine 
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    In order to ensure the nutrition of the baby, the baby over 6 months can also increase the complementary food appropriately, and gradually increase the type of complementary food and the amount of each feeding. The addition of new complementary foods will also reduce the baby's need for breast milk, and will also diversify the baby's nutrition. Silicone feeding tableware is recommended, which is very suitable for baby feeding or practice eating.
  • well, my toddler was not into milk so i made it a game!! 
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