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February 2017 Moms

Appointments: Week of February 27

Pregnants: Last call for any regularly-scheduled prenatal appointments before we go into overtime!

Postpartums: who's harassing you and/or your baby this week?

Re: Appointments: Week of February 27

  • 2 month check up and first round of vaccines for Harrison on Wednesday. 
  • 40w appointment tomorrow morning. I'll have a fluid check on Friday if I make it that long
  • 2 week appointment for Nate later today,  weight check,  and ?  Not sure what else they do at this age,  I don't remember,  lol.
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  • Partyof6? said:
    2 week appointment for Nate later today,  weight check,  and ?  Not sure what else they do at this age,  I don't remember,  lol.
    They didn't do a whole lot at our 2 week appt. They weighed him, and took his head and length measurements. They did an exam checking his knee reflexes, and pushed on his belly. They looked at his belly button. They asked about his eating and wet/dirty diapers. That's about it. They asked if we had any questions or concerns. And He said that at the next appointment we can go over any concerns or questions regarding vaccines. 
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  • We had our newborn check today. Heidi is looking great. Down 6% weight at 5 days but I'm not worried. My kids are slow gainers, typically. We go back Friday for just a weight check and next Friday for the 2 week appt. Pedi also said her shoulder and clavicle look great- just confirming her minor shoulder dystocia truly was minor. Thank goodness.

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  • We have a hip scan for cora on thursday this week. Just as the dr was about to lift her out she flipped round & she ended up coming out feet first so technically she was breech therefore automatically gets a hip scan. Nhs waiting lists meant that it took til now to get an appointment.
  • Had a home care nurse come out to check on Weston yesterday for high bilirubin levels. She decided not to take a blood draw but wanted his newborn check to be done today at 4 days old, to get the blood draw then. 
  • 6 week visit for myself and baby.  Nothing too interesting in my visit, cleared to do whatever I want.  6 week check-up for E went great.  Gaining fabulous, now 9lb 3oz.  We did shots to get them in incase we go somewhere for spring break. 

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  • Two week checkups for both me and baby tomorrow. I am also going to see if I can get back in to the lactation consultant this week, since LO seems to have gotten a little lazy with his latch the past few days.

    I've also been having some anxiety for the past five days or so (including one anxiety attack on Saturday), so I'm planning to call the social worker at my MW office to get a referral to a therapist.
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  • Two week appointments for me and LO today/yesterday. He is doing fantastic! At 16 days he's already up to 8 lbs 10 oz, from birth of 7 lbs even. The doc was super happy with his circ (all healed up), weight gain, and everything. 

    Me on the other hand... still on antibiotics for my incision, which DH has to pack for me every day. Super not fun, and I'm just ready for this part to be over so I can stop feeling like something is wrong with me. Plus, I can't drive until I'm off the pain meds which I'm only taking an hour before doing the packing every day. Hopefully things will finally close up this week. 
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  • Yay for LO! I hope you continue to heal and are feeling more on the mend soon. @WinchesterGirl
  • @WinchesterGirl I hope your incision heals quickly! The packing is no fun  :(
  • @chef'swife I'm happy to hear about Harrison's progress! Also, I could have written this exact post last Friday for Ella lol. Even the weights are super close (she was born 4,15 and weighed 9,10).
  • My tiny ass baby. Today was his six week appt and he was 9lb13oz   

    Yesterday was my timehop for DS1 who was almost twice as big at 12 weeks.  :o
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