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Facebook take 2?

So who would be interested in a Facebook group? We just moved into a house and don't have internet, so until we get it, I'm thinking I won't be on the app so much as my laptop easier to use it with. So I was thinking of setting up a group, just wanted to know if we have a decent amount interested?


Re: Facebook take 2?

  • Mkay! I think I will set it up and if you want in, send me a friend request, then a message asking to join! That's the easiest way I found to add in my other group. My Facebook is Andromeda Jones and currently my picture is my fiance and I!

  • I'd like to be added!
  • I'd be interested as well
  • edited February 2017
    Okay I got it started, like I said the easiest way I found with my other group was being friends then I can add you. I don't think we have to stay friends to stay in the group though if you dont want to keep me lol just make sure you send me a message so I know for sure that you want added to the group!!

  • Just sent you a request
  • I'm interested..... much more active on Facebook than on this app. I'd like to get to know everyone
  • I would like to be added. How do I do that?
  • Just add me as a friend on Facebook and I will add you to the group! My name is Andromeda Jones and my picture is me and my fiance!

  • Hey!! Due to changes to WiFi at my job, alot of apps got blocked including this one. But our Facebook group is still going if anyone wants to join still :) 

  • Oof I haven't been active in a while. Can I join your Facebook group?
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