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Metronidazole in 1st Trimester

Currently 10 weeks 5 days pregnant. I had 2 miscarriages last year, which has turned my into an anxious mess with this pregnancy. So far so good though, at my appointment on Thursday, baby was wiggling and had a heart beat of 174. However, I went in on Thursday because I'd been experiencing some slight itching and burning/pain that would come and go for the past few days, and also sometimes my discharge would have a slightly greenish tint, but not always. They ran some tests on Thursday, but the doctor went ahead and prescribed me metronidazole 500mg tablets twice a day for 7 days. When I went to the pharmacist to pick them up, I mentioned I was pregnant and she said these pills were contraindicated in the 1st trimester and not recommended. So I waited on taking them till I could call my doctor the next day to get my results. I talked to the nurse, and what she said didn't make a lot of sense. She said that all my lab work came back negative, but bacterial vaginosis was just the name for itching and burning, and although it came back negative to take it anyway. I'm concerned though because everything I've read says not to take it in the first trimester, but bacterial vaginosis left untreated can lead to second trimester miscarriages. I took the first pill this morning, but I've done a lot more research since then and am really scared about taking it in the first trimester. Has anyone taken metronidazole in the first trimester and it was okay? Should I keep taking it, or should I wait till Monday and call my doctor again before taking the next pill? I have a lot of anxiety due to the previous 2 miscarriages and this pregnancy seems to be going so well this time, I don't want to do anything that could harm my baby. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Metronidazole in 1st Trimester

  • My first thought is that you should trust your doctor above a pharmacy tech. But obviously she's going to know a lot about meds....hmm. Is there a nurse line you can call? Obviously you don't want to keep going with an infection but I also understand your anxiety. PGAL brain can really mess with you! I'm not sure what to suggest but I'm sorry for your losses and all the anxiety you're having right now. 
  • I hate being in situations like this, so sorry your dealing with it! Could you call the doc and just tell them your concern and ask if you could have them prescribe a different anti-b? That seems pretty reasonable to me. But I'd also be kinda upset that the testing came back negative and they aren't going to investigate further? The more I think about it, id call them back and I absolutely HATE calling any doctor with any type of confrontational type issue. BUT this is important and it might be time to be a PITA, especially to ease your anxiety. 
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  • ...I've been lurking on this board (not pg just following some of your stories after from the ttcal board.)  I had bacterial vaginosis 2 years ago and it was actually a pretty bad infection.  I took the prescribed medicine and it did nothing for me.  I did however take tea tree oil suppositories from Whole Foods and they worked right away. Can you try those first?
  • A few thoughts (from a former medical social worker)... 
    1) the tests they usually run look for the most common strains of bacteria. Just because everything they tested for came up negative doesn't mean that you don't have something that they didn't test for. And the nurse is somewhat right, BV is kinda a catch-all diagnosis that can be given on symptoms alone. Not entirely unlike diagnosing a cold. 

    2) If there is one thing I learned working in the medical field it is that pharmacists receive WAY more training about meds, their side effects, contraindications, etc than docs. Way more. If you were given info by a pharmacist (not a tech, an actual pharmacist), I would listen. I personally always accept the consult when I pick up prescriptions for this reason, and will ask their opinion when I am choosing over the counter things, too. I have serious mad respect for pharmacists. 

    3) I personally have weird reactions to antibiotics, where I almost always end up with a yeast infection afterwards, followed by a viral infection, making it a 6-8 week ordeal. I went through about 3 back-to-back rounds of that a few years ago when I was having BV symptoms. I tried a few different natural remedies and it finally cleared. Could be a coincidence, but most should be pretty innocuous. If I remember, there was something with vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, and/or tea tree oil. Maybe Google a bit and see what seems worth trying to you? 
  • @optbaby2017 that's all really great info, thanks for sharing it! 
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