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Intro and Question

Hello all, 

I just found out I am pregnant and a projected due date of Oct 22nd. I know you aren't Doctors, but I am seeing if anyone has had a similar experience with a positive outcome. 

I was supposed to start my period on Feb 13, which I did (or so I thought). It was light and I spotted for about 5 days, which I thought was weird, but I just thought I was having an abnormal period. Fast Forward to this last Monday, and I was still lightly spotting. Long story short after googling my symptoms, I ended up taking a pregnancy test, and it was positive. I took another in Tues morning and it was also positive. I had a Dr's appt yesterday where they did an ultrasound, they didn't find a sac in the uterus, but the urine test was still positive. They are now concerned that I may be having a ectopic pregnancy, miscarrying, OR of course it could be a healthy pregnancy. I had my blood drawn on Wed and I will again have my blood drawn again tomorrow so they can compare the levels. Just curious if anyone else has had something like this happen where they went on to have a normal healthy pregnancy??? 



Re: Intro and Question

  • I had this experience with my 3rd baby where they did the ultrasound too early and he wasn't big enough on there. He's now here and healthy at 2 weeks old! I hope all is well with your pregnancy!

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