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I'm not ready...

Now that our LOs are toddlers what is everyone not ready to give up? I'm not ready for Harper to not wear onesies!  The thought of her not wearing one makes me feel like she's a kid and not my little babe, and she's so tall it's coming quickly. 

Re: I'm not ready...

  • We got out of onesies a while ago. I can barely get a diaper on her before she's trying to get away, so the idea of adding snaps to that--no thank you.
    For me, it's the night time bottle and falling asleep in my arms. I'm gonna hold onto that one for a little while longer.
    I do love that she's started initiating kisses--albeit sloppy and with random placement, but I love them anyway!
  • I think about this all the time since this may be my last baby! So many things...
    I'm not ready to for her to not do her sweet baby babble anymore. 
    I'm not ready for her to not be that sweet little willing baby and turn into a tantrumy toddler. 
    I'm not ready to not be her start running away to play and not wanting to be in my arms as much anymore. 
    I'm not ready for her to love nursing any less than she does right now; it has been such a sweet time with her. 
    Oh boy I could go on!!!
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  • I can barely even ready this, let alone think about this!! It goes so fast and it breaks my heart to think about her not being my little baby anymore. Although, it has definitely been more fun playing with her and seeing her learn all new things. 
    I'm really going to miss the nursing bc I've enjoyed it so much. And miss all her crazy baby sounds. She is very verbal and I feel is learning new words by the day, so the nonsense babble is soon to end I'm sure. 
  • He still sleeps in my room, and the thought of him being across the house gives me anxiety. I'm pregnant with number two and the thought of my baby being the big brother makes me so sad! 

    But I'm loving that he's getting to a stage that we can sit down and learn. It's been fun teaching him songs, animal noises, and such =) 
  • I feel like my LO is already a full-blown toddler, so here are the things I ALREADY miss:
    1. Nursing. She totally weaned herself at 9 months, which was heartbreaking for me.
    2. Holding her while she slept. She won't sleep anywhere but her crib/car seat anymore, so I get NO snuggles.
    3. Just holding her without her trying to get down and run away.
    4. Her compliant nature. Now it's a lot of screams and, "no, no's" from her (although she is still generally happy).
    Here's what I LOVE about this stage:
    1. ALL of the new learning. It's something new everyday, and all of it is so exciting. 
    2. Walking. It makes life so much easier. We can go anywhere now, and I can let her have at it.
    3. Talking. SO MUCH talking. This week's new word is, "yellow" and I'm pretty sure it's the cutest noise ever made.
    I could keep going...but that's not the point of this post!
  • I'm going to miss her sleepy snuggles. She only falls asleep in our arms or in her car seat, never in her bed... so in time I know I'm going to miss that. Also her cute little baby voice. She's such a talker and i6 know her voice won't stay like this forever. Her silly, little happy dances. She dances whenever she's happy, and she dances the second ANY music comes on. It's so much fun. Oh, and I'm going to miss the fact that she likes all the cutesy clothes that momma picks for her. In her words, every single one is "cuuuuuute!"

    But, I feel like considering our absolutely awful infancy, we're finally getting to some fun stuff! 
  • I totally feel ya on the onesies @KFrob. We were given a bunch of shirts and shorts from a cousin. Evelyn looks like such a big kid. I'll still buy the onesies as long as I can though. We've been in 18 month size for a month now. I love them. 

  • Daycare noticed the other day that she's dressing like such a big kid now, little jeans and t shirts, big kid shoes - I'm not ready for that!  Also, as many have mentioned, the nighttime routine - I am NOT ready to give that up either.  She has fallen asleep in my arms and been rocked for 20 min or so before transfer to the crib literally every day of her life!

    Otherwise though?  I am loving the 1 year stage!  She's learned how to blow kisses, she holds up toys for the dog to come and collect from her, she loves playing with her friends at daycare, she loves to scare us by jumping or yelling suddenly and then she'll crack up - it's just such a fun age!  And the other day she had to go with my husband to take our cat to the vet and she got so upset when the cat was unhappy on the table, having her temp taken, etc.  It was so amazing to see that she has empathy at this point.  Love to see her inner life developing and growing every day!
  • I'm going to miss her baby babbles, her stumbly walking, her pointing to everything because she wants me to explain what she sees. I definitely love this age though and am so excited for so many things! I'm really excited for the summer and to be able to walk to the park with her and let her play all over the equipment. I'm going to miss her sleepy snuggles one day, but I have a feeling she will be a cuddler for a long time! 
  • I'm so jealous of everyone's snugglers. My girl never snuggles! The only time she's ever sat still for snuggles is when she was sick. That's how we knew something was really wrong. 
  • Mine only ever snuggles when he's sick too.  It's so sad, I never got my baby snuggle fix and now he's turning into such a big boy!
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