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Has anyone done anything drastic to their hair since having the kiddos? My 2 year old was never a hair puller, but the baby is... my hair never really came back after the post partum hair loss stage, so it's very long, very thin, and very curly. I'm tired of Brynlee yanking out handfuls at a time and I'm also bored to death with the frumpy, messy bun. I'm scared to chop it though, especially since it took so long to grow out! I literally haven't even had a trim in over 2.5 years...

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  • I chopped mine off int o a short bob a few months ago...and I regretted it almost instantly. Although my hair is super thick and curly (and often frizzy when I don't style it), With a wild child running around and my husband working nights I never get to fix it nice. As much as I hate the ponytail, I loved when I was able to pull it back again.

    Maybe go shorter but still long enough to put up?
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    I'm feeling very much in a hair rut. I have fine hair and need to keep it shoulder length or shorter or it just looks flat and stringy.  I used to do a full head highlight and bob but it's high maintenance and expensive and I just end up not going back for months, wearing a pony tail or bun, and having terrible roots. I was thinking about going back to my natural color, which is dark blonde, but scared I'm going to look like a frumpy mom. My plan is to ask my hairdresser's advice on something lower maintenance and cheaper for color.  

    Cut it a little bit shorter and feel it out, you can always take more off! 

    edit bc bump posted before I was ready 
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  • I have always worn my hair long (it's straight) but finally went for a trim last month and she had to take off 4" (that was a compromise from 6") because it was so damaged from the months (years?) of no trims. I have gotten used to it and it definitely looks healthier, but I missed my longer hair immediately. That said, I also know my husband prefers it long and that's how I've always worn it, so I'm not very adventuresome when it comes to hairstyles! 
  • Yeah. I just do a topknot right now. My stylist said she won't do major cuts (unless really pushed) post-partum, because 90% of women regret it after. That doesn't mean I haven't done things with the color! For a while, I had purple pieces throughout the bottom layer, and then I went through rounds of rose gold balyage highlights. Now, however, I'm pinching pennies, and it doesn't look like I'll be going to the salon any time soon, so now I'm bonding with ye olde box color.
  • When I was pregnant with my son I dyed my hair back to my natural color, which is where it has stayed. But I just can't get over how thin it is... when it's in a pony tail, it's only about the size of a penny around. So right now, the longest layer (or strand) comes to the middle of my back, but it is all soooo stringy! I'm wondering if cutting it would help it maybe look not so thin. It would definitely be healthier. I have the hardest time picturing new styles on myself... let alone justifying the cost when we are still condemned to formula ($120+ per week, and 2 kids in diapers).
  • My hair is the longest it has ever been right now (those pre-natal vitamins were miracle-grow for my hair), so I'm loving the length and kind of refuse to even trim it. I wear it up a lot, but I throw in a braid or a twist to feel more fancy. I also do a lot of buns, but I make them really structured, so they don't have the "messy mom-bun" look. Pinterest and Instagram are my go-to's for new hairstyles when I'm in a hair rut. I've done the "chop it all off" thing before, and I've regretted it EVERY time. But that's just me!
  • No matter what you do, you're hair will grow back. Over the years I switch between chopped off and long, and I like it both ways. The most convenient for me right now is natural color (kinda yucky dark blonde) but with some faint highlights so it can grow out OK, and long so I can put it in a ponytail. If you've got computer skills, you can edit a photo of yourself with shorter hair so you can get an idea? 
  • I'm in a hair-rut too! I texted my aunt to schedule me an appt to cut it all off, but she never got back to me and I'm thinking is bc she knows I'll instantly regret it as other have said! That being said, my LO is a hair puller and between that and having no time to actually do it, it gets thrown up a lot. It is actually the longest it's ever been simply bc I haven't really had it down long enough to notice! But I think I still want to cut a few inches off so it looks healthier and has some kind of style other than blah!
  • Also in the hair rut boat. My hair is in a pony tail almost all the time. My LO is also a hair puller and god forbid if I have it half up and half down with a hair clip she won't leave me alone for the clip! So up it goes. I've been meaning to cut my hair but as pp mentioned I always regret going short! 
  • Mine is the longest it's been since high school.  It's still only shoulder length, but its really thick and curly so it's much better looking and more manageable shorter.  I pretty much wear it in a pony tail all the time.  I think I'm going to let it keep growing out until after swimming season is over and chop it all off in the fall.
  • I have an appointment Saturday to get a bob! Chin/shoulder length. Cant decide but itll be shorter than now. 
  • My hair is pretty thick and down to my lower back. I love it cause it's taken me so long to grow it, but I never do anything with it. It's in a side braid or a mom bun 90% or the time. I'm in a hair slump to, I'm thinking I'm going to grow it out until it's long enough to donate the 8 inched and still have it be at my shoulders.  
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    I went to get a shoulder length bob/highlights last week but chickened out on the Bob! I got a trim, highlights, and got my layers freshened up and it feels so much better
  • @BarrettJ89 It's cute!  Glad you and DH liked it
  • Super cute!!
  • Thanks! I knew that if I didn't go RIGHT then, I wouldn't have the guts to do it. It's an adjustment and I'm still not 100% sold on it, but if nothing else I'm hoping it grows a bit and is healthy!
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