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  • Oh yes & saving you from lightning crotch!

    I prefer the straight raspberry leaf tea to the Earth Mama 3rd Tri Tea.
  • What stores have you ladies found the RRL tea at? I'm having a hard time finding it in store and just online 
  • @mrsRoy24 I found it at Wegmans
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  • @mrsRoy24 bought mines online. 
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    Wrong thread! 
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  • My Doula has recommended acupuncture to encourage labor, which I will start on Monday. I will be 39w + 4d then. I have opted to not have any vaginal exams so I do not know if I have started to dilate, but I have not had any contractions, or BH, or discharge, or mucus plug loss.... and at today's checkup with the MW there's lots of movement by the Baby and lots of amniotic fluid in there. Baby is head down but still has a ways to go. I am 40yo so the standard practice of care is to start talking induction, which I am trying to avoid since my vitals remain great and the Baby looks very healthy. 

    Has anyone done acupuncture to encourage labor? I've read lots of positive reports on it, and it's safe and natural. So we'll see! :)
  • @triwellnessgirl Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor-Girl you look like you're in your 20's! 

    FTM so I can't comment on the success of using accupuncture to encourage labor, however I did have a session last week and I'm still pregnant. I did have a ton of BH contractions afterwards and I felt incredibly relaxed which was much needed. Im planning on scheduling another appointment for next week if I don't have my outside baby by then. I hope your appointment goes well! 

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  • Oh wow @EALasagna45 .... thank you SO MUCH for such sweet words! You just totally made my day!! Yeah, I'll be 41 in May!! This is my first Baby! (Not my first pregnancy, so I'm beyond grateful to get to this point, WOOHOO!!!!) 

    OK, good to know about the acupuncture because I'm not really *ready* for the labor to start right after my 1st appt.... I was told 1-3 treatments.... but my goal is definitely to get things going naturally before my MW starts throwing my age at me as a reason to induce, LOL! I'll be on the lookout for your update next week! All the best to you!!!
  • Damn I need whatever you're sipping on @triwellnessgirl;)

    I definitely don't think if you have one session your water will break on the table but you'll get some good prep for labor. I was also told 1-3 sessions is the average. I learned a lot going like pressure points etc which I've been doing all week on my own. I hope at the very least you feel relaxed and rejuvenated! FX your appointments will do the trick. 

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  • In my prenatal yoga class today, they were talking about induction and how to get baby engaged. She said walk a minimum of 1 mile a day, and squat squat squat. Anything where you're in a squatting sort of position, or lightly bouncing up and down on a yoga ball will help encourage baby down. And that the weight of baby moving down will help dilate you. 

    She also suggested squatting if your water breaks and contractions don't start up right away. 
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  • Does anyone know how much pineapple you're supposed to eat for it to supposedly help?

    Theres a restaurant local to me whose pumpkin raviolis are said to put women into labor.
  • @lindsey61811 when my SIL was pregnant 9 months ago, I remember coming across an areticle said the pineapple had to be fresh, and the core was the important part to eat with the.. bromelain (sp?) in it, but I read SIX whole pineapples  :o 
  • That's a lot of pineapple  :#
  • Wow you are a rockstar @Ivorytower2! I definitely could not handle that many!

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  • Abuelita hot coco with cinnamon, jalapeños, pepperchini, hot wings, salsa, walking miles every day, squats, sex...  still pregnant. 
  • @jrde50eb12 similar list and same... I had hopes for the hot chocolate.. and will repeat bc it was so tasty! Lol

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