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What's in your diaper bag?

Hey ladies, what all do you pack in your diaper bag? How do you keep it organized?

Re: What's in your diaper bag?

  • Diapers, wipes, extra pacifier, change of clothes, a couple of burp cloths, extra receiving blanket. 
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  • Diapers, wipes, extra pacifier, change of clothes, a couple of burp cloths, extra receiving blanket. 
    All of this plus nursing cover, wet bag for cloth diapers, nipple shield. I keep meaning to our an extra shirt for myself but I forget every time
  • I keep the usual items: diapers, wipes, spare outfit(s), extra binky, hand sanitizer etc. Since I EP, I have a small soft cooler with bottles ready to go when we are out (if I don't take my pump bag...if I take the pump bag the cooler goes in there). I also have a small travel safety kit thing with the nose sucker, thermometer, travel brush, etc. I used to keep a swaddling blanket as well but DD now uses sleeper sacks instead of being swaddled with blankets. The diaper bag came with a changing pad so that's in there too.

    I probably over pack lol but part of the issue is my diaper bag is way too small (IMO). My diaper bag is a gorgeous Coach bag that was gifted to me by my BIL, it belonged to my SIL before she passed away. She loved that bag and I use it more for sentimental reasons than functionality. I'll probably switch to a bigger bag eventually.
  • Diapers, wipes, a spare footie outfit, my cover, chapstick, extra nursing pads and a wet bag 
  • Probably too much shit. 
  • Probably too much shit. 
    Same. Thus the thread :)
  • Probably too much shit. 
    Same. Thus the thread :)
    I'm generally an over packer 
  • I'll put my diaper bag list tomorrow, but wanted to say that we always carried the diaper bag with us all the time. It was ridiculous having so much stuff to tote but everytime we left it in the car, there would be something. (Like soaking through an outfit.) We got a back pack style diaper bag this time so it will be easier to tote around.
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  • yogadevilyogadevil
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    Diapers, wipes, spare outfit, hand sanitizer, wet bag, swaddle blanket and nursing scarf for BF covers, chaptstick and nipple cream, nursing pads, travel changing pad, spare phone charger, burp cloth, water bottle, hair binders/bobby pins/headband and other toiletries

    Its organized and tidy and utilitarian. Give that another week or so to implode ;)
  • @Gretchypoo I always felt like it was a lot in our diaper bag with our CDs too. We're using disposables right now because her butt is so little but once she's bigger we will switch back to CDs. 

    I pack a couple of diapers, wipes, pacis, two burp cloths, an extra outfit (need to pack two I've learned..), changing pad, socks, wrap, and then whatever she needs to eat. It is a lot, but I switched out my purse for the diaper bag and have just included my wallet in there. It saves having to carry multiple bags around.
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  • 3-4 diapers
    Wipes travel case
    Wet bag
    1 short sleeve outfit
    1 long sleeve outfit
    3 pairs socks
    Scratch Mittens
    Circ ointment/gauze
    Diaper cream
    Travel baby lotion
    Boogie wipes
    Burp cloth
    Muslin blanket
    Travel change pad

    Nipple shield/case
    Nursing scarf
    Breast pad change
    Pads for me
    Snack bar for me

    DH thinks this is too much to carry around, so I think we're going to work out a compromise, and make a car basket. One of the outfits, some diaper supplies, etc to just stay in the car so we have to carry less in the bag.
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  • Diapers, wipes, paci, extra footed pajamas, burp cloth, receiving blanket, my wallet, phone, snacks, hand sanatizer, chapstick...I think that's all. My diaper bag is also my purse so there are always receipts from god knows what. 
  • kswiger06kswiger06
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    The older your baby gets, the more stuff you will carry in your diaper bag lol

    We have diapers, wipes, an extra onesie and sleeper, an extra hat, a Manual hand pump+bottle and lid for emergency pumping. Pacifier, a couple toys (for when baby is older), Vaseline, burp rag, nursing pads/nipple cream. Box of scented diaper baggies to contain dirty stinky diapers. A couple grocery bags for wet clothes. We keep a blanket over the carrier since it's cold here and we will use that instead of carrying around an extra one in the diaper bag. An extra neutral shirt for me, because spit up such. A thermometer. Bulb syringe. His bottle of milk or two.

    I have room for my electric pump if we will be gone for a few hours visiting, and my moby or sling have room too.

    As he gets bigger and the weather changes the bag will contain more and more stuff. Like once spring comes I'll keep sunblock in there. Then in a few months it'll be time to carry food and spoons. 
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  • @WinchesterGirl  With DD, we kept the diaper bag super light, but kept a basket in the car with supplies, like your DH suggested. I haven't made up the basket yet for this time around but I'll be making a basket soon with some emergency disposables, clothes, pacifier, and a blanket. DD still keeps a stash of snacks in the car for after sports/dance so I can snag from hers in a hunger emergency:)
  • I'll be adding a shirt for me. Took LO to a lactation meeting and she was starving when we got there, meaning she ate way too much way too fast. Suddenly, and quite violently, she threw up all over both of us. Her head was completely covered along with my shirt, jeans and their chair
  • Currently I pack:
    3 diapers for ds2
    A change of pants and underwear for ds1
    Spoon and fork for both
    Sippy cups
    A few hot wheels
    Small coloring book, stickers and a few crayons

    I got a new diaper bag backpack to fit all the stuff I'll have to pack once #3 is born. 

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