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Appointments: Week of February 20

Thanks to those of you who took over this thread while I was recuperating!  Happy to be back in business here.

Who's seeing OBs, MWs, pediatricians, LCs, etc. this week??

Re: Appointments: Week of February 20

  • Thursday Austin has his 2 week check up! :)
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  • We have a weight check tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping to see Quinn up a few ounces since my milk came in over the weekend.
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  • last OB appt tuesday then induced most likely thursday

  • 40 week appointment on Wednesday and ultrasound. Nothing is happening right now so I'm trying not to get my hopes up. 
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  • 2 week appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow morning!
  • 2 week pediatrician checkup Wednesday because last week Evie's heart rate was a little higher than they wanted it to be. She was back up to birth weight though, 8lbs 7oz. so at least that's good. 

    2 week OB checkup for me Friday to check my incision and recheck my BP because when they checked it last week they said it was too high and they're concerned I'm developing postpartum preeclampsia I guess. The swelling in my feet has gone down significantly just in the past day, but my ankles are still horribly swollen and painful. I've started to get severe headaches too with the pain I've had in my leg, blurry/spotty vision, feeling like I can't breathe, ringing in my ears, etc 
  • 39 week appointment on Thursday. I'm getting my first vaginal check, should be interesting

  • Oh no @Jab3 I hope your LOs heart rate is normal at the checkup. And that stinks about you too. Hopefully your BP lowered and all your bad side effects/symptoms clear up soon. :)
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  • J is having a quick ultrasound on his spine tomorrow due to the tiniest hint of a sacral dimple combined with my shady family history and overly-cautious first-time parents. The pediatrician didn't even recommend it, so we're not actually concerned. Still, better to do the test that carries zero risk for nothing than find out about a problem later. 

    Then Tuesday we meet with an LC to try to sort out the last of little dude's latch/transfer issues. Busy week for us!
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    Zoe has her 2 week check up tomorrow even though she will soon be 3 weeks old.  FX that she is still steadily gaining weight. 

    She reached her birth weight last thursday and the BF has gotten much better so I'm curious to know if I'll be able to EBF and not have to supplement anymore. 
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  • 1 week appointment for Sam tomorrow! I feel good about how BF has been going and am hoping for confirmation from the weigh in. I'm paranoid that his starting weight will make catching up harder. 

  • 39w appt tomorrow morning. Hoping for some progress since my last cervical check!
  • Thursday I'm going in for a post dates ultrasound to find out the size of the baby, fluid levels, and placenta condition. Based on the results with that my doctor will decide when we want to induce at my 40 week appointment on Friday when I'll be 40+2. Unless of course this little one decides to beat us to these appointments! 
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  • 2 wk check up for me and Betty both this week! Hoping she has gained a few oz back now that we are feeding constantly ;-) 
  • Ella has her 2 month check up on Friday! I'm pretty sure my poor baby will be getting her first round of vaccines :(
  • 41 week appt tomorrow. Praying I won't make it! :( 

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  • Thinking of you @peachesnbean! Hopefully baby decides to come tonight!
  • 39 week Appt on Wednesday.  I was 1cm and 50% effaced last week so hopefully I'll find out things continued progressing since then. I am so ready for baby to come. 

  • Had our first appointment for LO today. We got some good news and some not so good news. 

    Good news is that LO's weight has gone up to 7lbs 12oz. After losing 12% of her birth weight, we can now officially stop supplementing as EBF has proven to be efficient. Since her last weigh in, she's steadily gained 37 grams/day. Woohoo!

    Not so good news is that she was diagnosed with reflux. It doesn't seem to be as severe as it was with DS but it's still a bummer. At least she'll be getting some relief though. 
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  • @concreteangell how do they diagnose the reflux? Is it more based off how much they spit up or vomit?
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  • kswiger06 said:
    @concreteangell how do they diagnose the reflux? Is it more based off how much they spit up or vomit?
    Not necessarily! I told her that she struggles when laying down on her back (Chokes, very fussy), cluster feeding, constant hiccups, hypersalivation, etc. Weirdly enough she doesn't spit up often. According to the doc, There's a wide range of symptoms for reflux. She says they don't prescribe any treatment unless it causes discomfort for the baby or affects their eating/digestion.
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  • Oh, that's interesting, and informative. I'm glad it's been diagnosed though so it can be monitored and treated if necessary. 
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  • My weekly appointment has been cancelled and moved for the third week in a row. Every weekend for the last three weeks my MW has had to attend a birth. Everyone's having their baby but me XD(to be fair I'm not at 40w yet so I'm not worried). She is seriously super busy though, it's amazing. However, she rocks at getting make up appointments in order and I usually see her within one or two days. Hoping for that again this week.

  • Still only a fingertip dilated. So induction set for Tuesday evening, they have to give me the pill to ripen. She also said I have a narrow pelvis, so we will have to keep an eye on it to make sure she can come out. So March 1st most likely she will be here.   Boo! I wanted a Februbaby!!!
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