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Bottom issues

My poor baby's butt is a mess. Diaper rash, yeast infection, and diarrhea that is burning his already tender skin.  I'm fairly sure the diaper rash is because of the yeast infection, but for the life of me I can't get the yeast infection to clear up. I change him regularly, avoid using powder, use a blow dryer to make sure he is dry, avoid yeasty breads, but it is just not clearing up. We are dealing with the diarrhea as best we can (ie, no dairy, rice and chicken, as much liquid as we can get in him), but does anyone have any suggestions for the yeast infection? The infection has been going on for about a week now, the doctor said, "Oh, it is a yeast infection" but that was all, and now his tush is openly bleeding in spots. Help!
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Re: Bottom issues

  • Oh no! I would ask the doctor for nystatin cream, did wonders for my LO when she had a yeasty diaper rash! Try to let him run around without a diaper on to get air there too. Just do it in the kitchen or somewhere where pee is easy to clean up! Good luck, hope it gets better soon.
  • I second PP!! We got a prescription cream also and the nasty diaper rash cleared up so quickly! 
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  • Yes! The nystatin cream worked wonders on my son's backside. My pediatrician gave us an extra script so I keep a tube of it around the house... if I'm out of nystatin, I slather my kids with vaseline (mine has cocoa butter in it). It's messy, but it helps protect the already sensitive skin. 
  • We recently made the move from pampers sensitive wipes to water wipes, and it has been like night and day on her bottom!  When we were using the pampers wipes she pretty much had some degree of rash at all times.  Since making the change I hardly recognize her tush, no rash at all!
  • No wipes .  Wash LOs bottom in water with a soft wash cloth each change. Pat dry. Dr should give prescription but if not washing instead of wipes worked for us and aquaphor since it protects the skin and allows to heal and repeals wetness.
  • Try yogurt for the yeast infection. It will help with the loose stool as well. L. acidophilus is an active culture in yogurt, and it is known to combat yeast. (I use it post-period, when I am most likely to get a yeast infection, and it works like a charm.) Just don't go overboard, because you can also get too much of the culture and end up with a bacterial infection. (One small yogurt a day is plenty.)
  • And when I say "use," I mean eat. Don't use it as a cream. (I'm sure this is obvious, but you never know...)

  • I don't know about healing a yeast rash but aquaphor is our go to as a skin protectant! 
  • My daughter just got over a severe rash like the one you described with open sores. Use a rag as much as possible for diaper changes don't wipe Pat. If you have to use wipes Pat again don't wipe. I used desitin very very thick on her bottom. Also read about using lotrimin the stuff you would use for athletes foot for yeast infection rashes down there I used it once or twice during her bad rash but mainly just pat cleaned her and thick thick desitin. It will take a bit for it to heal but that will help. Hope the next week or so goes well for you and your baby I know rashes that bad make for hard days.
  • I second the Lotrimin (athletes foot treatment) for a yeast infected diaper rash. When LO was a newborn he got a really bad yeast infected diaper rash and that cleared it up in a few days. No regular diaper cream would help at all! 
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