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Fluid levels - help / advice please

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to keep a long story short I have been unwell and ended up in intensive care with pneumonia and flu ;( however I am home now and on my discharge from hospital I was scanned and my fluid was reported at 8.9, border line low (I am told) one week later I was rescanned and fluid is at 5.3 (!!) lower again, I now have to go back for another scan on Thursday.... I am 31weeks pregnant with second baby, told the baby size is ok.....
Anyone able to shed any light on this for me or have experience with low fluid?
My head is up my backside with the illness and google throws out varying degrees of panic...

thanks in advance xx


Re: Fluid levels - help / advice please

  • Are you drinking mass amounts of water? 

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  • @jemstar1984 I second @MWoodside, dehydration can cause fluid levels to go down.  Make sure you are very well hydrated.  With being so sick, that's a good possibility. 
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  • I have the opposite issue, too much fluid.  Agree with @Nolegirl1185  that you should be drinking a lot.  And eat a bit of sugary stuff - I got told to lay off sugar, because that increases amniotic fluid levels, so if you have an OJ every now and then, it may help?  Not too much though!
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  • Thanks - I will try and drink more water
  • I had an 8 fluid level at 28 weekend and drank a time of water and they checked again at 30 weeks and it was 11 and is staying around there. I tried to fill up 7-8 big Starbucks plastic cup with a straw I have and carry it around with me during the day. I also wake up and drink two. If glasses first thing- before food and I have beeen limiting caffeine as well. 
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