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Best Covers **Canada

looking for somewhere to get affordable covers. I don't mind ordering from the US but don't want to pay out the nose for shipping. LO won't be here until June. I would prefer new as this will be the first of many babies (hopefully). Our stash includes bumgenious, thirsties, lil helper, some local brands, amps and Charlie bananas. Open to any brand/ style 

Re: Best Covers **Canada

  • When I was asking on a different forum about deals, I was told to wait for Earth Day (April 22) because there are typically a lot of good deals around then. I'm also due in June, and I'm planning to wait to buy any covers I don't get gifted (registering for and planning to use Thirsties Duos) then. 

    I was googling and found this list of deals for Earth Day 2016.  I expect 2017 deals would be similar. 

    Hope that helps!!
  • Are you looking for a specific website? I live in BC and really like, great prices, and they have a points system if you're going to buy a bunch online. I think Thirsties Duo covers are about $15, which are my favourite. I also like the Rumparooz covers, since they have the double gussets. Blueberry coveralls are also a great choice. 
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  • @lovesclimbing thank you it really does!! I'm due in June as well so I don't mind waiting 
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