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Five Things Friday

What has you in a good mood this week?
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Re: Five Things Friday

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  • 1) It's Friday, and my prenatal appointment went well.
    2) DS surrendered for a nap this afternoon
    3) Our taxes are sent off to the tax guy and we should be getting at least something back.
    4) My favorite cloth diaper brand is releasing a St Patty's day diaper and I may have to buy it.
    5) We're hopefully getting DS a real bed frame at Ikea this weekend (he has a full size floor bed instead of a toddler bed. We think he's ready to appreciate a raised up big boy bed)
  • 1. It's Friday and I'm glad this week is over. It didn't completely sucks, okay actually it did. Only today was good lol BUT it was a good day! 

    2. Had an NST and BPP done today and little man Ian great. 

    3. DH and I are meeting friends at a Comedy Club then grabbing dinner. I'm excited to laugh my ass off tonight. 

    4. DH and I go for our OB tour tomorrow. I'm strangely excited! I just have so many questions and am super interested to see what it's like. I'm the kind of person who needs to see and be prepared for everything ahead of time. 

    5. Found out some more details regarding my baby shower next weekend and I'm super excited! I already had one and was overwhelmed with gratitude and the amount of things we received, I kind of can't even imagine another one and how I will feel after it! 
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  • 1. My shower is this weekend and I'm feeling really grateful for everyone that is coming in town and my friends and MIL who have planned it. I'm getting a flower crown and my hair and make up done, which will be fun.

    2. Our crib came in this week and it's beautiful.

    3. The weather was beautiful yesterday and DH cut out early to take a long walk with the dog and me.

    4. I love my prenatal yoga classes.

    5. Our birth classes started this week. Our doula is teaching them. It was really nice to see her and the group feels really supportive.
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