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Why My Pregnant Self Is Crying? (2-17)

What's causing those ugly cries this week?


Re: Why My Pregnant Self Is Crying? (2-17)

  • I really really really wanted a Bacon Egg and Cheese Biscuit and Hashbrown from McDonalds this morning, like really wanted it.  I seriously let out a tear as I passed those golden arches this morning.
  • @mrs_fogue dooooo it!!! It will help you poop! I bought yogurt, pickles, salad stuff....got donuts for the boys...um yea I think I ate two servings already, oops!
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  • @ShakeUpTampa ,that's a legit excuse.  But I just b****ed out DH yesterday for his ff spending this month.  It just seemed wrong.  I was good and stuck to my oatmeal. 
  • @mrs_fogue lmao...confession on wrong thread..it's the 17th and besides tracking BILLS, I have not updated our free flow spending (groceries, gas, eating out, shopping, etc)....I'm nervous to start pulling out all receipts in my purse. Last month I was ON TOP of it and this month I'm seriously lagging. PS is it just me or is Mcdonalds breakfast the only good thing left standing on their menu? I swear all their sandwiches and other stuff changed and is not great. I liked their salads and their old crispy ranch chicken sandwich! 
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  • @ShakeUpTampa, I was screaming at the tv "just give the man a Coke!!!!!" I was so mad!

    Making me cry this week? That darn Huggies commercial!! Gets me every time...
  • @mommac2017 yes!!!!! I mean legit that would be my Mom ...I think she DID lock out her first Hospice male nurse for being a D-canoe, but when a person is dying..you give them EVERYTHING! FFS I smuggled my Mom out of the COUNTY (which was a no no) to go to her Uncle's funeral because she did not get to see him for Christmas before he passed away. She needed that closure and I got a crap load of oxygen tanks delivered and made it happen..so I'm sure next week's episode of them going to Memphis , seeing him on oxygen, is going to rip at me a bit more, 
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  • @ShakeUpTampa, good for you!!!! I'm a social worker and I work a lot with palliative care. Give them what they want! As long as no one else is getting hurt, who cares?!
  • @ShakeUpTampa omg that made me tear up too. I did the same thing, I told dh "when someone is dying, you give them whatever the hell they want!!". I cried at the end when Kevin went to find Randall at his office because he knew his brother was breaking down. Omg all the feels!

    I legit cried when watching The Wall on Monday. The contestants were this couple who had a child with downs and she employs several disabled people at her restaurant. And they won over a MILLION dollars!!! It was absolutely amazing because they kept talking about how much good they could do for their family and community with that money. 
  • The newborn I photographed today was so freaking adorable and perfect. I lost it with happy tears and frustrated tears because it's still a secret 

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  • I'm going to start crying cause now i want mcdonalds.  :'(
  • I'm tearing up watching my youngest play. She can be the sweetest little thing when she's playing with her dolls. I hope she's this good with her new baby sibling lol
  • This is pathetic on my end... my coworkers son is sick, so she brought him to work. He's got some sort of bug... well I asked how he was doing and got all teary eyed because the poor lamb was curled in a ball asleep on the floor.
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    @mommac2017 how could I forget to bring up Grey's.  Total cry fest...except for half of me thinks Mimic/Mennik (whever TF her name is) had it coming.  #TeamRichard
  • 2 things - I saw a skunk with a broken tail eating bugs on the side of the road. It was smelly like it had just sprayed and I don't know why but I just felt so bad for him being frightened.  Then I started being sad for any animals that ever feel scared. Then I started worrying about my dogs ever being scared or sad. Fiance wouldn't pull over so I could pray for said skunk (what an irrational jerk  :D)
    Also, my employees (who know I'm pregnant) didn't do some stuff they were responsible for essentially screwing me over.  I took it psychotically personal instead of chalking it up to the fact that they are 23 year old girls who need constant supervision. 
    Also agreed on the hospice situation - isn't it all about making their end of life as comfortable and joyful as possible? I used to hospice geriatric shelter dogs (I know it's not the same) but they got happy meds and hamburgers every day!
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  • I was in a car accident three weeks ago. I just started walking again without crutches a couple of days ago. So this has been a trying season in my life, and I hadn't really cried about it. 

    I had an appointment with my orthopedist at 8:45a. We (my husband and I) drove across town, only to get there and find out that we went to the wrong location, and I had to reschedule. The kicker, the correct location was just a few minutes from my house. Of course I had to reschedule it for March, ugh. I had no idea there were different locations that this doctor went to, so I never made attention to the location circled on my appointment card. I think that and a culmination of all that has happened to me, just caused the floodgates to open. 
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    @AlandkeriA I'm sorry to hear about your accident.  I hope other than needing crutches that you made it out alright. That's super frustrating about the doctor appointment mixup

    *TW* I seriously just bawled my freaking eyes out watching a video on fb of a fallen soldier's casket being unloaded off of a plane.  His family was there and you could hear the sniffles from the passengers on the plane watching it. Good thing I'm home alone right now because I'm a mess. God bless that man and his family  :'(

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  • I started bawling because I was leaving class today and saw a dog just like the one my husband had that had to be put to sleep due to health problems back in April. I also bawled my eyes out this morning because my MIL made a slideshow video with the song Don't Ever Grow Up from Taylor Swift for my niece that turned 5 today. Ugly crying to the max. 
  • The picture of the twin onesies surrounded by all the IVF needles showed up on my Facebook newsfeed. Bawled for 5 minutes and crying again right now thinking about it again.
  • Seeing baby's heartbeat flicker on the screen.  After some scares the week before, I was so incredibly relieved at the ultrasound.

    Also, going to court for a speeding ticket and being told by the judge that if I had been going two miles faster, he would have taken away my license for a year.  He finally made me take some tissues.  I was so embarrassed.  Then I had to walk out past everyone else sitting in court while I had tears running down my face.  
  • My SO mentioned our cat, who we put down 6 months ago. I was a mess. Poor DS kept patting my head, saying "it ok, mommy"
  • My H left at 3 AM for a week-long volunteer trip to Mexico, which I was planning to go on until I found out I was pregnant. As soon as the front door closed behind him, I ugly cried into his pillow.
  • This week's Grey's Anatomy!!! I'm bawling!!!!!
    This!!! Just watched the last two episodes and the first one had tears in my eyes with the cancer diagnoses. A good friend just lost his wife 2 weeks before Christmas to the EXACT same breast cancer. Cancer sucks!

    Then of course the most recent episode for obvious reasons. (I don't want to spoil in case someone hasn't seen it yet! :disappointed:
  • Long Island Medium episode where she meets with pregnant women. #bawling
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