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TWW Friday 2/17

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GTKY: What is one thing people misunderstand about you ?

Me 27 <3 DF 44
TTC post VR Sept 21/16
SA 6 weeks post op 50.7 mil count 40% motility

Re: TWW Friday 2/17

  • @FLAshley and @BertieMeetsGertie I HATW when people tell me to smile. It makes NOT want to smile at them. I can't help how my face looks! 
    NTNP since 2012
    Officially TTC #1 since January 2015
  • @haylsbayls I'm so sorry. All the hugs to ya today. 

    Me 27 <3 DF 44
    TTC post VR Sept 21/16
    SA 6 weeks post op 50.7 mil count 40% motility

  • @haylsbayls I am so sorry for AF. I was hoping so hard for you. Many many hugs.
    Started TTC #1 August 2016
    Diagnosed Unexplained IF/Poor Responder
    6 med/IUI cycles failed
    IVF #1 December 2017- canceled d/t poor response
    IVF #2 January 2018- 4 frosties and a BFP! EDD 10/8/18

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  • @LuND @@Dilynne  @FLAshley Yay for more pee pact participants!

    Redpuma119 Sorry for you frustrations, have you had any testing done so far? Sorry, if you have answered that question before.

    wabash15 FX when testing starts, but good you feel a bit at peace with not having the urge. That's been my new approach. No testing before 13DPO and it helps mentally to not see so many stark white BFNs.

    @BertieMeetsGertie have fun at the zoo!

    kaitlink33 Oh, I hope your dog feels better soon and things turn out ok.

    Month/Cycle:    5/5  3TTCAL

    CD/DPO:  CD 

    Timing: -5, -2, -1

    Testing: Sunday (14DPO), Pee Pact!

    Rave: I was so tired I went to bed at 9:30pm last night. But my body wasn't having the idea of getting extra sleep, so it woke me up at 4:40am.

    Rant: Ok, this was strange. I thought I was having a heart attack last night in my grad class. I got intense chest pain and my heart started racing. I didn't know what to do because it was brief, but I took a bayer aspirin and just tried to relax. It freaked me out. Seem to be fine now, but that was super strange.

    CS/Q: nope.

    GTKY: What is one thing people misunderstand about you ?

    People say I am overly serious in the work place and impersonal, but then really personal and social in casual or social settings. I get mad because I often have similar traits to a male leader and it is perceived negatively or harshly since I am not super sweet or endearing. 
    **TW: Loss Mentioned**
    Me: 29 | DH: 31
    Dating: August 2003  | Married: August 2013
    TTC #1: Since October 2016 | BFP #1: 12/4/16  CP: 12/6/16
    BFP #2: 3/14/17  EDD: 11/23/17 Born: 11/22/17
  • @kaitlink33 I agree with @wabash15 even though it is scary I think the vet will be able to give her comfort if she isn't feeling well. One of my clients have a 13 year old Golden Retriever and they were worried about her as she seemed to be failing but whenever they took her to the vet they put her on meds for arthritis and they can't believe how puppy like she is now. 

    @wabash15 Hold onto that hope girl. Glad you and yh had a good talk. 

    @Dilynne Enjoy your last day girl! Yay for Sunday pee pact. 

    @Redpuma119 What grade do you teach lol ? Someday they will look back and realize haha. Too funny. 

    Me 27 <3 DF 44
    TTC post VR Sept 21/16
    SA 6 weeks post op 50.7 mil count 40% motility

  • @FLAshley I am in teaching/curriculum development for flight attendants and pilots for "an airline." If you've been through training I've probably made fun of you too
  • Redpuma119Redpuma119
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    @dragonfly87 My OBGYN ran a full panel and said that everything came back textbook. We also had pathology test products of conception both times and they were normal. I've had a few ultrasounds to check my uterus, ovaries and cervix and everything looks good. She thinks it's random but we've been trying almost 16 months and have had 2 mc.  After reading some of the IF thread I'm starting to wonder how qualified my dr is at IF issues. She's a wonderful dr, I've seen her for years, but this is out of her realm I think.
  • @FLAshley welcome to the Pee Pact! And, FX your busy day goes by quickly.

    @kaitlink33 sending such good vibes to your dog. The lumps could very well be lipomas, which are very common with older dogs but completely harmless. It's so tough watching our beloved animals get older. FX the vet has an easy fix to make her happy and comfortable. 

    @slaven so sorry you're having a tough time with yeast infections and fatigue. FX the blood test gives you some answers and points to an easy solution.

    @BertieMeetsGertie I'm jealous of you zoo and dinner plans tomorrow!  D.C. is such a great city.

    @haylsbayls ugh, so sorry lady. *hugs* and take all the time you need. We're always here for you.

    @wabash15 I'm glad you've found a happy bubble for the moment :) FX the next 4-5 days fly by!

    @Redpuma119 hey it never hurts to start looking into testing. We're lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge on this board!

    @Dilynne did you do anything fun for your birthday??? And, sorry for the emotional day! Hopefully you can keep in contact with the coworkers that you like, and the new job makes you very happy!
  • @FLAshley @kaitlink33 I am the same way too. My friends are always confused when people say that I am quiet.

    @kaitlink33 I am sorry to hear about your dog. I hope everything turns out to be ok.

    @haylsbayls Sorry for CD1. Take whatever time you need, we will be here whenever you need us! <3


    Well, after my chart stalk this morning I am going rogue, defying FF, and moving myself over here.

    Month/Cycle: 9/10

    CD/DPO: 17/ I'm going with 4

    Timing: -3 (x2), -2, -1, +1

    Testing: Not even going to think about that yet.

    R/R: My rant is my clusterf--- of a chart messing with my emotions...

    CS/Q: See the chart stalk thread if you want to be filled in on my mess. Thanks again for your help ladies!!

    GTKY: What is one thing people misunderstand about you ? That if I take forever to respond to texts or kind of distance myself for a while it is not because I am flaky/an asshole, it's because my anxiety is acting up.

    Me: 31 DH:32

    Married 9/2015

    TTC #1 6/2016

    BFP: 4/21/2017 - CP
    Dx Unexplained IF 6/2017
    Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI 7/2017 - Cancelled (overstimulated)
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI #1 - BFN
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI #2 -BFN
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI#3 - BFP! EDD July 15 2018
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  • @LuND *High five* You are my kinda people. DF and I banged in a game sanctuary this spring ! Spontaneity is the way to go !

    Me 27 <3 DF 44
    TTC post VR Sept 21/16
    SA 6 weeks post op 50.7 mil count 40% motility

  • @Redpuma119 feel free to ask questions on the IF thread any time!
    @lund glad you had a good spelunking adventure in nature! its fun to mix it up!
    @Dilynne sorry your last day is hard, but hopefully the new job will be amazing
    @dragonfly87 could it have been a mini panic attack?  I've never had one but I've heard some people say it feels like they are having a heart attack. Hugs
    TTC 1/2012
    Diagnosed : unexplained infertility
    6 rounds of IUI and a MC 2/2014, rainbow twins 4/2015
    TTC #3 5/2016
    Restarted Fertility tx
    IUI 2 rounds, baby girl 12/17

  • Month/Cycle: 14 (ugh)

    CD/DPO: 35/12 (I think... I'm still so bad about temping, so this is still by body signs only)

    Timing: -4, -2, -1 (assuming my O day is right)

    Testing: waiting until Monday if I don't start before then

    R/R: rants are all work related so why bother?
    raves: DH is awesome and stuck with nothing for valentines day (for us, the kids got candy!) without needing to be reminded, he's a hopeless romantic so this is an accomplishment for him lol. (if you dont know why I dont so valentines day, see siggy, but know **TW**)
    DS is doing soooo well in school. He's just like me and is a little spiteful about doing work (i.e. 'totally planning on cleaning my room', then mom says 'clean your room' and I decide 'you know what? I have better things to do' lol) so the first parent/teacher conference I was a little worried because I didn't know if his "struggles" were real or more just not performing on demand because he's always done well with the info at home. Turns out, it was the on demand portion! He just tested 98% on the assessments when the county average is 92! I'm not saying he's speshul, but he is to me I sure am proud! hehe

    CS/Q: nothing to stalk. anyone bring their ute goggles today? lol

    GTKY: What is one thing people misunderstand about you ? people think that I'm an extreme, either I'm a total jerk (which in all fairness, I get because I don't sugarcoat and I get tired of dealing with people's drama but I'm actually very empathetic and compassionate) or they thing I'm a delicate little flower that can't handle anything. I've been through more than most people know (not nearly as much as some, but a good bit in my own right)  and can handle far more that I'm given credit for. Also, people think I'm getting defensive when I'm really just trying to explain my thought process because they will start cutting me off (which I hate) so I'll speed up and getting a little bit louder to be heard lol
    Angel Babies 1&2 2/14/09
    DS born 3/11
    Angel Baby 3 6/28/11                                                         9/5/17 BFP!!
    divorced October 2014                                                       9/6/17 hCG 88 progesterone 9.1 (prometrium started)
    Married DH 10/15     DH's DS born 6/09                            9/8/17 hCG 242!!!
    Not preventing since 11/15                                                 EDD 5/8/18        Adjusted 5/15/18
    TTC since 1/1/16                                                                9/27/17 we have a heart beat!

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  • @wabash15 @shortstack930 it's possible it was a panic attack, but I didn't feel stressed or overwhelmed. It came out of nowhere. Luckily I could step out of class, but it caught me by surprise. 
    **TW: Loss Mentioned**
    Me: 29 | DH: 31
    Dating: August 2003  | Married: August 2013
    TTC #1: Since October 2016 | BFP #1: 12/4/16  CP: 12/6/16
    BFP #2: 3/14/17  EDD: 11/23/17 Born: 11/22/17
  • @dragonfly87 I also agree that it sounds like a small panic attack. I used to get panic attacks like that pretty frequently when I was younger, and a lot of the time it would come out of nowhere like that. I remember one instance where I went to go into the walk-in freezer at work, and as soon as I opened the door it just happened. There was no stress, nothing to set it off, it just came out of nowhere.

    Me: 31 DH:32

    Married 9/2015

    TTC #1 6/2016

    BFP: 4/21/2017 - CP
    Dx Unexplained IF 6/2017
    Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI 7/2017 - Cancelled (overstimulated)
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI #1 - BFN
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI #2 -BFN
    Letrozole + Ovidrel + IUI#3 - BFP! EDD July 15 2018
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  • @LuND way to use the wilderness the way it was intended!  ;)

    @Redpuma119 hugs, girl. It probably wouldn't hurt to do a consult with a RE. Stalking the IF thread is great idea as well! I find myself there often. 

    @dragonfly87 I hope you do t get that feeling again! Sounds scary. 

    @shortstack930 way to go, H! 
    Me: 31 DH: 32
    Dating since: 11/17/2001
    Married: 9/26/2009
    TTC: June 2016
    BFP: 9/01/2017
    EDD: 5/14/2018

  • Thanks everyone. I will probably take her Monday when I'm off. I'm hoping it is just arthritis or a spraine or something. She's always been puppy like. She keeps up with the best of them and has never been a lazy dog or anything so I think that's what has me nervous. She had bladder stones a few years back that she had removed and that's really the only medical issue she's ever had so I'm praying this is nothing. 
    NTNP since 2012
    Officially TTC #1 since January 2015
  • @shortstack930 I wont get into my whole social media/people loving the negative rant but man why is it when people don't get their way they immediately play the blame game on FB. Anyone with common sense knows it's all bullshit and someone is playing the poor me card. There are ALWAYS two sides to those stories. I'm glad your husband was able to make her look like an ass in a cool, calm frame of mind. 

    @ladystinson Thats great news about your son. Definitely something to be proud of !

    Me 27 <3 DF 44
    TTC post VR Sept 21/16
    SA 6 weeks post op 50.7 mil count 40% motility

  • Month/Cycle: 8/8

    CD/DPO: 26/10

    Timing: -4, -1

    Testing: BFN this morning. I know 10 is the early side but I did the FRER and the Wondfo and honestly I just feel out. at least I can have a glass of wine at DH bday dinner and not feel guilty

    R/R: DH bday today! He will likely have to work late but I am excited to spoil him a little. He spoils me all the time

    CS/Q: nope

    GTKY: What is one thing people misunderstand about you ? 
    This is silly but it used to happen a lot when I worked in acute care as  a PT. I'm 5'2" but stronger than I look. I can hold up patients and support a lot of body weight.

    @kaitlink33 hope all is well with your dog! 
    @Lund that story is even more impressive because it's February and don't you live in ND? Way to make your own heat
    @haylsbayls and @Redpuma119. So so many creepy Internet hugs
    Me: 32, DH: 31
    Together: 11/2008, married: 3/2014
    DH: Type 1 Diabetes, (dx 4/15) Celiac Disease (dx 11/14), Treatment induced Neuropathy of Diabetes (dx 7/15)
    DH SA: 11/16: low count and low motility
    DH SA: 12/16: borderline low, count and motility
    1/20/17: BFP, 1/24/17: CP
    5/17:low AMH (0.89)
    6/17: first IUI cycle, 50 mg clomid + ovidrel + IUI: 2 follies, BFN (count 58 million, 97% motility)
    7/17: second IUI, 2.5 letrozole, OPK, IUI: 1 follie, BFN (count 9.5 million swimming- dont know percentage)
    8/17: third IUI, 5.0 letrozole, 

  • @FLAshley I totally agree!! DH actually refused to accept her friend request on FB bc he doesn't like to friend people from work, especially people like her who perpetuate drama. One of his coworkers that is her friend sent him a screen shot of her post, which makes her even more obnoxious because she was talking about him knowing he couldn't see her post. People who take stuff like that to FB are so immature. 
    Me: 30 DH: 29
    Married 07/2012
    DD born 07/2014
    TTC #2 since January 2016
    June-Aug 2017: 3 IUIs w/Clomid = BFN
    Sept 2017: Dx w/Endometriosis
    Oct 2017: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN
    Nov 2017: IUI w/Letrozole = BFN
    Dec 2017: pre-IVF testing
    Jan-Feb 2018: IVF--17 eggs retrieved, 13 fertilized, 9 frozen and 1 transferred on 2/10 = BFP on 2/19!!! EDD 10/29/18

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  • @WillRunForWine21 sorry for the BFN :( FX its just too early.

    And yes, I do live in ND. It was really warm (for February in ND) yesterday - about 45 degrees Farenheit. To us that feels like shorts weather lol. That being said, it was a quick BD sesh, so we didn't have time to get chilled ;)
  • orbmakerorbmaker
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    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD/DPO: 21/4 (or 3? My temp continued to rise this morning and FF changed my cross hairs and coverline. Think the higher reading was just d/t poor sleep.)

    Timing: -4,-3,-2,O (or -4,-3,-1 depending) 

    Testing: next Thurs, maybe

    R/R: My partner and I usually go out for a date after I pick him up at the train station on Thursdays (he's in grad school out of state), but we got in a stupid fight last night about driving (ugh) and skipped it. Excited to go out tonight instead!

    CS/Q: This is kind of a dumb question, but I feel kind of paranoid about having an orgasm while I may or may not have a zygote moving along and trying to implant itself in my uterine wall. I keep imagining that the resulting contractions might cause it to "fall off" like some kind of rock climber. uh, any thoughts?

    GTKY: What is one thing people misunderstand about you ? 

    I'm not sure this counts as "misunderstanding," exactly, but I'm an artist who is now also a nurse and I feel sorta "split" down the middle sometimes. My coworkers don't really understand or see this other dimension to my identity and likewise my artist friends don't quite "get" what kinds of experiences I have as an ER nurse.

    @LuND love that spontaneity! makes me wanna surprise my husband somewhere
    @slaven hope your blood tests are OK. Have you ever had your thyroid levels checked?
    @shortstack930 so much love for teachers over here. It's challenging from every angle. 
  • lundlund
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    @orbmaker we actually have one member who's nurse told her to abstain from orgasms around 6-8 DPO for this reason!  I wish I could remember who it was... I know she was told this after an IUI. 

    *ETA I'm not sure if this is a scientifically based precaution, or just a wives-tale more like "avoid this just in case there's some validity" type of thing. 
  • @orbmaker @LuND wow I never thought of this. Good to know!

    Me 27 <3 DF 44
    TTC post VR Sept 21/16
    SA 6 weeks post op 50.7 mil count 40% motility

  • @FLAshley @LuND interesting! Thanks for responding. 
  • @orbmaker I haven't had anything checked ever. My SIL is a nurse and was asking me about that or my cholesterol and such. She was surprised I haven't had my cholesterol checked before. If I do have diabetes and end up getting KU here in Korea I'll have to leave early and go back to MA. The army doesn't let high risk pregnancies stay in Korea, which is good because if I tried to voluntarily go back for it we would probably have to pay out of pocket. If they make me go then they pay haha. 

    Me: 24 DH: 28, Married 1/1/2015
    TTC July 2016-February 2017
    BFP 2/27/17, EDD 11/10/17
    Military family with two fur babies

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  • @orbmaker @LuND *TW* In November, we BD on implantation day (5dpo), 9dpo, and 13dpo. I got a positive on 11dpo. Nothing got "knocked loose" then. Disclaimers: I don't orgasm from vaginal sex though. Also, it didn't end well, but I didn't start my MC until 37 dpo at almost 8 weeks... so not sure if that info helps. */TW*
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

    Me: 34 DH 32.5     Married 7/16
    TTC  9/2016     BFP 12/9/16    EDD 7/21/17    MC 1/8/16 at 8 weeks
    TTC  2/2017  BFP 3/6/17   EDD 11/20/17

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