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  • neludelu said:
    Very unpopular I'm sure but... you skinny B's who only gain weight in your belly... yeah you... I'm irrationally annoyed by you. I get fat in my legs and arms before I have a cute belly. 
    shiiiit. My ass puts Kim Kardashians to shame. We could all eat christmas dinner off my ass it's so large!
  • @Elyse1384 Food related special treatment is something I think most of us can agree we've
    earned. One cupcake for me, one for baby!
  • I guess this is the real unpopular opinion. I love being pregnant*! I want to be pregnant at least once more, twice if we can swing it! Love it. 

    *except the damn anxiety but that's my whole life. 

    I SUCK at being pregnant.  I want 5 kids so I know I'll need to do this again if we want to continue the "Drive for 5" (Yessss... snuck in Patriots reference), but I fear pregnancy.  Everything hurts and I'm dead.  Totally worth the outcome, but my body doesn't respond well at all.
  • I guess this is the real unpopular opinion. I love being pregnant*! I want to be pregnant at least once more, twice if we can swing it! Love it. 

    *except the damn anxiety but that's my whole life. 
    I love it too! I wish my state allowed surrogacy. I just truly enjoy pregnancy, I don't want more children after this one, but I'd love to be pregnant a million more times. 

    Some people just truly hate it, love it, or are indifferent. 
    MotherofDragons huskermom14mombod
  • I am in camp love being pregnant! I am so sad this is my last. 
    MotherofDragons huskermom14mombod
  • I work for a Chiropractic. We have so many patients coming in sick because they didn't want to miss their appointment. NO this is not life or death stay home. I'm going to be so annoyed if I get sick.
  • @MotherofDragons @Stankonia2014 @Wino0920 What do you love about it?! I cannot wait for it to be over....
  • @MKRLTX I just generally feel really good when I'm pregnant. I don't get sick or have crazy symptoms. I love the growing belly. I don't have glowing skin or anything, but I can say my mood is generally happy. 

    I also embrace the "fat zone."I eat what I want, when I want and never worry about weight. I know it's only temporary. 
  • MKRLTX said:
    @MotherofDragons @Stankonia2014 @Wino0920 What do you love about it?! I cannot wait for it to be over....
    Well, I've had relatively easy pregnancies, minus DD2 (HG, complications, etc.), so take this with that in mind. I just enjoy everything about it. I enjoy  the normal things, kicks, great hair, belly, etc., but I also struggle with an eating disorder, so for me, I tend to feel better about myself and not obsess over everything I eat (I eat better because I have GD), how I look, etc. So mentally, I am just in a better head space than I am when not pregnant. 

  • @MKRLTX I have been very fortunate and have never had morning sickness. I have pretty bad anemia and food allergies and because of no period I feel fantastic and my iron *almost* levels out. Also, the depressed immune system suppresses my allergic responses to foods that are usually a no-no so I can indulge without awful consequences. My hair looks nicer, my skin glows, I love feeling kicks, and just the whole miracle of it all. 

    I 100% get why others don't like it. But I truly have enjoyed it. I even was a little sad that I wasn't super overdue (went into labor the day after my due date). I was expecting to go to at least 41 weeks and felt sad I missed out on another week of pregnancy. 
  • danijo said:
    I'm really trying to find an unpopular opinion to share here's the best I got:
    I think spiders are cool and let them live in my house freely!
    I disagree! Outside they are allowed to live. Inside (or on me outside) they are fair game. 
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  • OK, I  can understand why you ladies enjoy it. I hoped I would love it, but no such luck. 
    @Wearmi1 That makes perfect sense. 
  • I don't like Carrie Underwood.  Her voice sounds very froggy to me.  Actually I hate her voice.
  • huskermom14huskermom14
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    +1 for love being pregnant. I love the way I look, the kicks and hiccups, the excuse to indulge in cravings here and there...I just love the entire experience. But I've also had 2 (so far) easy, routine pregnancies. 

    @Stankonia2014 I didn't know we couldn't do surrogacy here!  :( I've talked to DH about it multiple times. Such a bummer. 
  • @MotherofDragons there are definitely parts I don't like, but the suppressed allergies is amazing! I'm usually slightly sensitive to yeast but baby is allowing me to eat all the bread, bagels and pizza that I want! :yum:
  • devow27 said:
    I like being pregnant...and I want at least one more little innour club. But I also have a love/hate relationship with it. So, is there a camp for that? 

    UO: In no way shape or form is it ever okay for a married/committed person (man, in my household) to attend a strip club, strip joint, strip tease. If I were attending a bachelorette party where a male stripper showed up, I would politely excuse myself for that portion. I don't care if it's "just for entertainment" or "not even my thing but I'll go". Just no. It's not appropriate, ever, if you're in a committed relationship. Other naked bodies in your presence just isn't how my boat floats. 
    I love strip clubs. I think they are fun. I go with my husband and in no way care if he goes without me. We are NOT swingers (no offense to those who are, keep on). Lol!
  • MKRLTX said:
    OK, I  can understand why you ladies enjoy it. I hoped I would love it, but no such luck. 
    @Wearmi1 That makes perfect sense. 
    Count me in the "I hoped I was going to love it" camp.  After all those years of infertility treatments and dreaming of being pregnant, I genuinely feel guilty at times that I don't enjoy it.  Undeserving almost when I complain.  I guess physically my body just doesn't respond well to pregnancy.   I'm 3 for 3 with morning sickness, hemorrhoids, impact to my prior back injury, reflux/heartburn... well quite literally every nasty symptom you can think of. 

    I think it's great that some of you feel really good though and are enjoying it!   My colleague said she never felt better than when she was pregnant. She even considered surrogacy.  I do love those baby kicks though!  That I can get down with.
  • @devow27 I 100% agree! I personally think this also applies to movies *cough cough 50 Shades*.

    I am also in the camp of pregnancy enjoyment. Bring on the babies!
  • @huskermom14, it's not that we can't do it, but it can't be compensated, you cannot do it for gay couples (because they can't legally adopt if not married, and the laws here just aren't very surrogacy-friendly. They don't really protect either party very well.

    "According to Nebraska law, a surrogacy contract is defined as “a contract by which a woman is compensated for bearing a child of a man who is not her husband.” The law also states that the biological father of a child born through surrogacy and the surrogate will share custody jointly of the child."
  • For those that don't love it, don't feel bad! Honestly, it is okay to not love it. 
    HgPahuskermom14neludeluteacher mom-2
  • @Wino0920.  I dislike baby girls with pierced ears. They're babies, and I think piercing their ears is an attempt to make them look older than they are.

    I cannot for the life of me think of a UO. I guess my only semi one is i dont like parents who step in all the time to "fix" a situation. Yes, the two kids are arguing over a toy, as long as it doesn't get violent, let them figure it out. I don't need to step in every 10 seconds and tell them how to problem solve. (Yes, I know some guidance is needed to teach skills/appropriate behavior.) 

    Me: 34  DH: 35
    Married: July 2009
    BFP: November 2012 after 2 years of TTC     DS born August 2013
    Diagnosed with PCOS April 2016
    3 months of trigger shot with timed intercourse BFN x3
    First IUI: 9/17/16            BFP: 9/30/16              EDD: 6/11/17

  • @kahlan82 I agree on both subjects. I don't get what the rush is for girls to get their ears pierced. That seems like a personal decision for when they are older, plus most people I know who had them done as babies have had to get them redone later because they weren't placed correctly to stay centered on adult ears. I also just think it looks weird and too adult, and it always just makes me think that the parent is weirdly obsessed with making sure their child is never mistaken for a boy. 

  • @wineo929 I completely agree with you about strip clubs. I think the human body is a beautiful thing. I don't understand the harm in going. 

    if someone is going to cheat a strip club isn't going to change that.
  • I've got one. I hate the whole "Pussy Hats" thing. I get that it is a result of Trump's "Grab them by the Pussy" comment but I just don't think two wrongs make a right. Keep it classy ladies. I have no issues with peaceful protests and marches in general but the vulgarity of shirts, signs, and hats is just not cool.
  • email2ash said:
    I've got one. I hate the whole "Pussy Hats" thing. I get that it is a result of Trump's "Grab them by the Pussy" comment but I just don't think two wrongs make a right. Keep it classy ladies. I have no issues with peaceful protests and marches in general but the vulgarity of shirts, signs, and hats is just not cool.
    Eeeew, I didn't know that was a thing! 
  • Add me to the love being pregnant club! I honestly feel like my body was made to be pregnant. It's the only time I feel good about the way I look, and labor and delivery was quick and easy for DD. I'm crossing my fingers this one is just as easy! 



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  • Again no reason why I want them pierced. Wish I had a counter argument for you, I just do.

    I am not afraid of people thinking she is a boy. My son loves princesses (especially Ariel) and I buy him the dresses and dolls and let him go out in my jewelry. 

    I dont think it makes them look older, I think the little studs are just sweet and cute. 

    My sisters and I had them while in the hospital, two days after being born. They do not practice that anymore, but I guess that's why I associate it?? We have never had problems with them and they are in the right spot. 

  • Add me to the love being pregnant camp. I am seriously considering becoming a surrogate in the future. DH and I have talked about it. I live in CT (as liberal as you can get) so I would be shocked if the laws werent friendly towards it. I will have to do some research.
    In regards to pregnant women should not work... I disagree. There is nothing that prevents me from doing my job. I worked until my water broke and will again. My grandmother had to quit her job when she got pregnant. Im not willing to go back to that. 
    @Stankonia2014 I am a govt employee too. Obama signed an executive order last year that allows you to borrow up to 6 weeks sick leave for maternity if you havent earned it yet. Then you can add annual or whatever else you have before unpaid. I would look into it at your agency bc its fairly recent but Im pretty sure its all federal employees.
  • email2ash said:
    Wow. That's...classy.
  • The conversations get so good in here! I feel like there was a bunch I wanted to respond to but can't remember it all. 

    I guess it would be unpopular to say that I do think pregnant people deserve special treatment, to an extent. Yes it's been done for eons, yes many have done it before and will do it after me, yes I'm still capable of doing a lot for myself and others but I don't actually think that makes this whole process any less special. It's hard (or has been for me) to grow a being with your own body and if that gets me a little extra kindness for a few months, I'll gladly take it. I don't think I need a handicap parking permit or to not work but I appreciate that being pregnant gets me a bit more consideration from those around me. 
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  • devow27devow27
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    @LOTON01 I love the human body too. So much so that my job revolves around helping it become better and stronger. I even dissected 6 cadavers during my masters program. The human body is amazing. 

    If someone is going to cheat, they're going to cheat. I personally don't match up strip clubs and cheating. But I'm also not going to invite my husband to go watch naked women dance, grind or rub themselves for entertainment. I just see zero reason for anyone in a committed relationship to be spending their time looking at someone else's naked body for sexual entertainment. Same goes for myself, I don't have any interest in anyone else sexually entertaining me except my husband. Same goes for porn, not into it. I'm good.  

    Edit to add: I promise I'm not a prude, nor do I cover my husbands eyes during a sex scene of a movie :D haha (I can imagine people take my opinion in that way). We're just not going out of our way to participate in strip clubs/porn. 
    Me: 29
    DH: 29
    DS: 18 months 4/2/2015
    Baby #2 EDD: 6/1/2017 
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  • @mombod, thanks for the heads up. I just met with HR last week and they never mentioned it. I accrue 4 hours of sick and 4 hours of annual every pay period.

    I'll look into it!
  • I'm not sure if I love it or hate it. I guess both?? I hate being sick and uncomfortable I guess. I worry a ton because every dr appt with dd they found something wrong with her or me. So far everything has been good and easy this time so it's more enjoyable. But then those kicks and rolls make me want to just have 10 kids. Lol I love daydreaming about what he looks like and what he will be like. 
    @Wearmi1 I get what you mean. At my 15w ultrasound with dd they totally freaked us out and told us she might have a genetic problem that might cause all these problems and she might not live and all this stuff (which they were wrong about) that just made me realize how much I loved her and would fight for her. Combining that with 2 mc before her I really am thankful for everyday I have with my kids. It sounds cheesy, but they are such a gift and I love that I get to be with them everyday. 
    But my uo that is kind of related is that I LOVE the newborn stage. I love the tinyness and newness, I love the laying around and snuggling all day. I loved breastfeeding, even though it hurt I loved it. Even the sleepless nights I didn't mind. All my anxiety went away as soon as I saw her and I can't wait for it to happen again. 
  • @Kylieslip24 I'm jealous that you enjoy the newborn stage! I hate it so much. Exhaustion and crashing hormones and bleeding nipples...ugh. If I could, I would totally go through my 30 hour med-free labor and delivery a second time in exchange for skipping straight to having a four month old. I'm dreading it.
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