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Opinions - Advice - I need it all

first off Hi! I'm 32, had DS at 26, so it's been 6 years since my csection. I was in labor for 10 hours pushed for 3 and ended with a csection because my hips were too narrow for my 9 pounder to fit through. 
My midwife is pushing for a VBAC. Which I'm interested in as we all know csection recovery sucks among other reasons. 
My fear is it was my hips, something that won't be different this time. Not a breech baby or other medical issue. So I'm worried I'll end up with another csection after laboring, which in my option would be the worst. 
Has anyone else had a successful VBAC having the narrow hip issue? 

Re: Opinions - Advice - I need it all

  • What position was your DS in?  There are other positions besides breech that can affect delivery.

    FWIW, my vbac recovery was so much easier.  I personally would give it a try.
  • My doc said that if I had needed a c section bc of narrow hips, it would make me not a good candidate for a vbac.  I'd talk w your docs honestly, and if you don't think their opinions are sitting well w you, go to another doc or 2 or 3 for different opinions. 
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