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Baby monitor freaking me out

Anyone else see the creepy baby faces in this pic? Someone tell me a non scary explanation. I wasn't looking for baby...saw one of the faces and thought he had his head smooshed against the bars...went in and his feet were against the bars.

Re: Baby monitor freaking me out

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    Those things creep me out. We went an audio monitor. 
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  • Sorry I was looking for baby...his face isn't in that pic but I see like 5 creepy faces haha am I going nuts 

  • I cant unsee the face here. It looks like eyeballs and a tongue sticking out.
  • These don't look like baby faces to me. More like creepy cartoon cats faces.
  • That's the one I thought was my baby so went to creepy.
  • This? ... I would totally update my camera! Lol have me seeing demon kids and all. My old monitor was fuzzy like this, we upgraded and now have a crystal picture. 
  • guys are totally playing into my ghost love!!  Keep it coming!

    That said, if I saw a creepy ghost kid face in my baby monitor, I'd lose my shit and probably burn the house down.

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  • I don't see it (even with the circling and arrows  :/)
    however- if it were me and the video freaked me out I'd get one with a super clear picture where there's no mistaking what's going on. 
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  • I have a friend with a video monitor who swears she once saw an old lady ghost bending over the crib watching her baby sleep. 

    We have an audio monitor only. 
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