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Weight Gain/ Healthy Snacks

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am getting SO hungry, and I am trying to be mindful of a healthy weight gain during this pregnancy. 
I was hoping that some of you could share snack ideas that you find fill you up, and are healthier than thin mints or a bowl of ice cream :smile: 

Re: Weight Gain/ Healthy Snacks

  • I have been trying to be mindful of my eating habits too. Some days/ weeks are worse then others. 

    For breakfast: I will have a yogurt, orange, cheese and sometimes toast
    First snack: roasted peanuts and cheese
    Lunch: Usually a meat, veggie and some kind of potato
    2nd snack: veggie sticks/ grapes or 1/2 peanutbutter sandwhich 
    3rd snack: more peanuts or some type of protein
    supper: This is where I tend to slip. I *try* to make the best choices but like last night I had a cheeseburger and cheese curds. Oops!
  • They make some fantastic flavours of Greek yogurt now, I'm a big fan of key lime pie. Plus there's 10g of protein per little individual cup which is helping me a lot with eating enough protein during the day. 

    Also avocado or hummus on the roasted tomato flavoured Triscuits :yum:
  • Think protein! Greek yogurt, nut butters or nuts, cheese (to an extent), hummus, smoothies, granola bars...

    By nature I'm not a huge snacker, but I stick to those basics above (though we are a nut free house and my work place is nut free). My weight gain this time around is still super minimal (I started higher then I desired) but my downfall is the evenings too! We eat pretty healthy for dinners but I LOVE late night sweet treat. It's all about balance! 

    Prior to my sons peanut allergy diagnosis, I would make peanut butter-banana smoothies at night to help curb my sweet tooth! You can add other fruits to it too! 
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  • I hear you @MKRLTX .... as I have just polished off a bag of cheetos.
    I usually have several snacks in the AM.  That's when I seem to be the hungriest.  I've been really craving dairy and fruit for the past few weeks.  Typical snacks are.... greek yogurt and granola, cottage cheese and pineapple, carrots and peanut butter, ect.  Always some type of protein.  I must add that cheetos are kinda dairy too!!!!

    and @itsfine as a fellow Wisconsinite, I salute your choice of cheese curds! 
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  • I am loving all of these ideas! Keep them coming. 
    @itsfine Cheese curds sound amazing, and I find night time is hardest for me as well. I am thinking healthier snacks during the day would help prevent me from getting so hungry at night. 
    @devow27 I will have to try the peanut butter banana smoothie. That sounds awesome. 
    @CapricaAndrea They Key Lime Pie greek yougurt is my fave too!
  • I love apples with almond butter throughout the day. But I'm never above trading that in for french fries!
  • I agree with protein! It keeps you fuller longer.

    snacks: pb and fruit, cheese and salami or pepperoni, nuts, yogurt, protein bars, pretzels and pb, cottage cheese, or popcorn (I love boom chicka).
  • I am in love with the Chobani flips. It's Greek yogurt but they have crunchy goodness to put on top so I feel like I'm eating more then just yogurt. I just had a carrot cake one and it was delicious. Only 190 calories.

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  • My favorite heathy snacks are an apple with PB or carrots or veggie straws dipped in gaucamole.  I used to buy the individual size wholly guacamole packs for work.  I also go through phases where I'll eat a hard boiled egg for my morning snack.  I really want to try this recipe I found on Pinterest for avocado deviled eggs. 
  • Eggs, carrots with guac or hummus, nuts, sunflower seeds, avocado toast, apples with pb or almond butter, plain greek yogurt mixed with pb, cucumbers and tomatoes
    I try to limit dairy and fruit to once per day so I feel you on trying to find variety.
  • I am a real yogurt hater. I've tried so many times to like it but I just can't. Any variety just grosses me out.

    I am a huge snacker. I often times opt for snacks over meals so it's tough to stay healthy. My faves are apples with peanut butter, frozen grapes, granola bars, and cheese and crackers are a vice of mine. For more elaborate types of snacks I'll go with peanut butter and jelly on an English muffin or chop up a tomato, cucumber and olive salad with salt and pepper. 

    Also I just finished a work out and my DF brought home a chocolate shamrock shake that I'm not turning down. 

  • Noosa yogurts are amazing! String cheese, nuts, peanut butter, cottage cheese, hummus, all paired with a fruit or vegetable are usually my snacks. 
  • Some excellent ideas out here - I'll add packets of instant oatmeal to the list. They're often my 3:30pm snack at work!
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  • I love all of your recommendations. I should probably mix up my daily routine but I have no aversions or cravings at this point so if its working I don't want to change it. 

    my daily intake:
    pre-workout homemade energy ball (peanut butter, honey, oats, protein powder, chocolate chips)
    protein shake
    green smoothie (spinach, frozen banana, peanut butter, flax seed and milk)
    greek yogurt (dannon light & fit 80cal pack) - morning snack
    carrots or green pepper with a tablespoon of light ranch dressing - late morning snack
    chicken with pasta, cheese & buffalo sauce - lunch
    zone perfect protein bar - afternoon snack
    apple - late afternoon snack
    then dinner.. which is almost always a base of chicken or ground turkey and a veggie.
    popcorn is my go-to snack if I need one.

    This is what I eat everyday during the week (weekends are another story that I like to call balance). I've been gaining in the recommended range so far - though slightly towards the high end of normal but baby is also measuring ahead at all appointments. I think I probably take in a little more calories than necessary but I've also continued working out & getting my fitbit 15,000 steps a day. I eat a lot of protein and drink over 100oz of water and I've actually been doing pretty well with hunger.  
    If anyone wants my energy ball or green smoothie recipe let me know. :)
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  • Not pregnant, but I protein load most days to stay feeling full.  I'm vegetarian, so I have to get creative, but some of my go-to items are:

    hard boiled eggs
    avocado (just scoop it out with a spoon and eat it...nom!)
    hummus with veggies
    coconut roasted almonds
    cheese sticks (Sargento is my favorite, but I think I saw something about a recall with them?)
    edamame (you can get single serving packs that you steam in the microwave)
    roasted chickpeas (I roast them myself and use all different types of seasonings)

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  • @danijo Yes please to both recipes!
  • danij0danij0
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    @MKRLTX here ya go...

    Energy Ball:
    1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup chocolate chips, 2 cups quick oats, 1/2 cup ground flax seed, 1/2 cup protein powder (I use Syntha-6 chocolate milkshake flavor on Amazon), 1/4 cup honey, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract. Add all ingredients in a big bowl. Mix it up and roll them in about 1-1.5 inch balls. Add a little water if the mixture gets dry. Put them in the freezer. Approximate Macros (if you make around 26): 150 calories,  8.8g Fat, 15g Carb, 4g Protein

    Green Smoothie:
    1.5 cups skim milk, 1 tablespoon reduced fat peanut butter, ~2 handfuls of spinach, 1 tablespoon flax seed, 1 frozen ripe banana cut in about 4 pieces (freeze without the peel). Blend in a blender. My husband and I usually share this.
    Approximate Macros in HALF the recipe: 183.5 calories, 4.5g Fat, 10.25g Protein, 25.5g Carb

    You can make changes to these and I'm sure they'll still turn out fine.

    edit: forgot a word.
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  • I read this while eating ice cream...........

    I do need some ideas for healthy snacks though! I used to get turkey sticks from Aldi and they are really good for a snack along with a cheese stick!
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  • @krex that's super helpful for me! I used to be a vegetarian and now during pregnancy want nothing to do with meat. It's left me struggling to get enough protein during the day. Thanks for the tips!
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  • @alm52386 don't worry.. I wrote all that while eating a my third (and probably not last) cookie of the day. It's my birthday though so eating healthy doesn't count today - especially since I can't drink so I'm making up for it.
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  • @danijo happy birthday! I sometimes justify my treats as "well, I didn't have 3 glasses of wine so this cookie will balance it all out" too. :) 
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  • Happy Birthday @danijo! I use the wine justification too, but I don't crave sweets so much when I can have wine. 
  • @Mtnmommy
    I agree and love the Noosa yogurt. However they have so much sugar in them. 

    I eat yogurt and string cheese alot. 
  • Oh Noosa yogurt...how I love thee. 
  • Full-fat yogurt (Greek or Noosa), cheddar cheese sticks, Sargento cheese bites, BabyBel cheeses, cheese melted on a tortilla (I eat a lot of cheese...), almonds, PB on apples, Larabars.
    I have low blood sugar, so most snacks have to have some good quality protein. Sometimes a snack like popcorn or chips and salsa or hummus will do the trick, though.
    I try to not snack on sweets by themselves because I will "crash" before long.
  • My go to snack lately has been an apple and a slice of provolone cheese! I also have a yogurt every morning, and have been frequenting the salad bar at Kroger pretty often for lunch! 



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  • I found little individual guacamole packets at Costco last time we went and dd have been eating them up like crazy! Also string cheese has been my go to. 
  • I have a huge sweet tooth, and an irritable uterus, so while I'm pregnant a lot of foods upset my stomach. My mom gave me a recipe for cookie dough balls. It's nut flours, honey, chocolate, etc. It tastes like cookie dough, and the little bit of chocolate satisfies my sweet tooth, keeps me from being hungry, and didn't give me heartburn like a regular chocolate chip cookie would.

    Also, frozen blended bananas make a great ice cream substitute. 
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  • One I guess I was surprised not to see so I'll add...

    chia pudding

    I make it the night before with just chia seeds and either unsweetened vanilla almond or coconut milk and it is chock full of protein.  I just eat it with a half-handful of fresh berries.  You can always add a sweetener but I'm usually trying to avoid them if I'm being 'good'.
  • @michaela0704 Mmmmm. I love me some chia. I add it to my oatmeal and smoothies sometimes but haven't made pudding from it. I will have to give that a try!
  • @ladylolly89 I don't add anything other than milk and chia seeds, but I think the ratio is 1 : 4 chia to milk.  I usually make a single serving with 1-2 Tbsp of chia seeds.

    Here is a good recipe with background...


  • For snacks:
    -Raspberries (I tend to eat the whole 6oz container lol) 
    -Peanut butter on toast
    -Greek yogurt with the fruit on the bottom... I like Oikos
    -Apples or celery with peanut butter 
    -carrots and ranch

    I don't do a whole lot of snacking throughout the day but those are my typical go-tos. 
    Must be doing good so far though! I've only gained 4 lbs at 22 weeks  :)

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  • @mamaelle27 that sounds delish. I'm going to make that as a snack for a get together tomorrow night. 
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  • I have been trying to eat a lot of fruit! I have never been one to eat a lot of fruit, but this pregnancy I have been craving it. I eat oranges and bananas. Both Sean to do the job at night. Hope you can find something that helps! 
  • Thank you^^
  • @mamaelle27 that sounds delicious! 

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