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New here, your opinion, vent *trigger warning*

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I don't know if this is the board I should be posting this but to me this looks most appropriate than a first trimester one.

Hey guys I am new to this board and I want to talk about something that's has been disturbing me since my test turned positive

Well the trigger warning is was told I have to put one when talking about loss (didn't know how else to do so, if it has to be done in another way please help)

I am so pertified than happy now I have a positive test result. I have had three miscarriages in the past before going on to have one healthy pregnancy (which I am so thankful for) well when I was pregnant last time I went in right away because my gyno (who I consulted for miscarriages ) said I have to go in right away and she also asked me to take 10gm of duphaston and 75mg asprin which I did and I went to a new gyno (new dr as i am in diff country) she put me on innohep shots (the gyno I delivered said I had no reason to be put on innohep as my reports were clear and I didn't have a condition the requires it) (I did not mind taking it back then infact I wanted to and I will do it all over again if I had to)everyday for the rest of my pregnancy also with asprin and duphaston for 12 weeks who frightened me and told me no way she will wait for normal delivery just at 5months and said if you stop asprin or innohep you will miscarry in a very abrupt and scary way. 

Well I changed dr and she asked me to continue innohep as she wanted to avoid withdrawal effect, I was perfectly glad untill 36 weeks when she came up and said your have to be induced (I asked why and she kept saying for best without telling me why) I was so scared at that moment I just wanted to go on and have a healthy baby so I agreed. Just after 24 hours of induced labor she said she wanted to do a c section because she feels bad that I have been in labor for long (I was 9cm open baby's heart beat was perfect) I kinda feel she manipulated my pain and fear and pushed me in the wrong time I don't regret having a c-section it made me have my dream of motherhood (my son was chin up) but the whole induction thing put me off I was induced a week before my edd. I had excess bleed after the section due to innohep being a blood thinner. I am so pertified of how they made me so trapped like I had no choice. 

I really don't want to go to a gyno yet, but then again I am so scared not to. (I thought I'll go back to my hometown before falling pregnant so I can go to my regular gyno)
I am looking to go to an alternative gyno here until 12 weeks (as I cannot travel due to RPL).

How do I cope with the fear untill I can go to the dr I am comfortable with and will it be a good idea to be taking duphaston and asprin like last time untill I go to one.

Sorry about grammatical or any other errors, one English isn't my native language, 2 I am in a bad emotional frame now.
(Btw I will go to a gyno by next week just figuring out dr now)

Re: New here, your opinion, vent *trigger warning*

  • Hi not a doctor but lots of women at least take a baby aspirin once a day to prevent clots in pregnancy. However, if you have a condition that requires more blood thinners, you really should go in ASAP to get that prescription. You should be able to switch to heparin shots near the end if it's appropriate for your condition. I'd just ask more questions this time around.

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  • I don't have a condition that requires heparin, that is the reason being my aversion to drs
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