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Baby Xstatic is here!


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  • Wow what a great birth story! I'm glad you were able to have the birth experience you wanted for the most part and that you and your LO are doing fantastic!
  • Thank you for sharing your full story! As fellow FTM (and still pregnant) I appreciate your insight on the pushing process. Glad you were able to get most of the birth plan that you wanted but I don't blame you about an epidural for the future!
  • Thanks for sharing!  Also a FTM and trying to go without pain meds, and have a family history of large babies!  So I really appreciate all the detail and your insights!  Congratulations to you!!!
  • On my goodness!! That is quite a birth story. It's absolutely amazing you were able to still do it med free... (I asked for epidural and didn't get it either lol) plus 2nd degree tearing  :s I'm so happy you got to welcome your LO and still get to do the med free birth you were hoping for. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Congratulations again! 
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  • I have exactly the same feelings regarding pushing. I originally thought that making it through all the contractions would be the hardest part. I felt very inadequate when pushing, like I just couldn't get my body to do what everyone was asking me to.
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    +1 to asking (read: begging) for an epidural but running out of time. I agree that though I felt an urgent need to push, it wasn't a relief and contrax still hurt like hell while pushing. I also felt very overwhelmed by all the "helpful" instructions. Don't push your legs, try to be silent, don't hold your breath...It felt very primal, as if the part of my brain that would have processed these tips was switched off.

    ETA: My baby was also less than half the size of yours so you are a million times more bad ass than I! Congrats on your outside baby (finally!)
  • Congratulations @Xstatic3333 !
    +1 to another FTM very grateful for that nice long birth story. Todays MW appointment was discussing possible emergencies so I am glad to get info like this from you too about things not necessarily going the way you think or plan!

  • @lemieuxk I was told TO hold my breath while pushing!  :neutral: 

    H, who would have preferred to be in the waiting room, ended up tasked with holding one of my legs. He told me yesterday that he felt so weird when they told him to put it back in the stirrup between contractions. He felt like he should keep holding it lol. Idk why but I found that hilarious. 
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