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Potty Training

2 year old training advice

 I am having trouble potty training my 27 month old.  I know he can tell when he has to poop because he often tells us that he does,  and when he doesn't, we can tell and sit him on the potty. He hasn't pooped in his diaper for several weeks (maybe even a month now). 

He recently had two events where he made a physical indication of having to pee, and did so, in the potty. One time he directed himself to the potty , lifted the seat,  and began to pull down his underwear under no direction or suggestion from me.  But a couple weeks after the last incident he never again indicated he has to pee in the potty. He says he does sometimes but I don't know when to take it seriously because nothing will  come out when he asks to potty. I got tired of having him in underwear after 2 weeks because he was peeing more on the floor than in the potty. The last few days were only accidents and no successes except for when he needs to poop. 

I don't really know what to do except wait and try again because it was stressing me out to clean the floor 6 times a day, and bath him as often. 

I would take him to the potty every 40 minutes (he holds his pee well) then every 10 minutes if he didn't go after 40. Was that doing too much?  He makes no indication at all of having to pee, not even while doing so.  
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