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Natural Birth in San Diego? Which Scripps?

We are just starting to TTC, however I am already thinking ahead at our options for delivery. I want a natural birth & have always had UCSD Birth Center as my #1 choice. I want a Midwife & would love a doula as well I think. However, I am a per diem (w/o insurance) RN at Sharp & my hubby works at Scripps Mercy so we have Scripps ins. So this unfortunately leaves UCSD out :( ... So between all the Scripps Hospitals, who has delivered at which recently and would like to share some insight? I know Encinitas is Baby Friendly but I think they have shared PP rooms? Any insight would help. Thank you! :)

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  • I delivered at Sharp Mary Birch and really enjoyed my experience. I have a couple friends that delivered at Scripps La Jolla and liked it there.
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  • Try the San Diego local boards (although it's not very active). 

    I also delivered at MB and I LOVED it (aside from the first lactation consultant who was a witch). I don't know if Scripps insurance is accepted at MB though. 

    A close friend delivered her son at Scripps La Jolla and will have her second there too, mid March. She had a private PP room, but she delivered (and will deliver) via c section.

    As far as an unmedicated (because ALL forms of child birth are natural) birth goes, they should be more than accommodating your desires. They may limit the amount of people in your delivery room though, so I'd check that out before hiring both a midwife and a doula.

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  • The best start birthing center takes insurance and you might be surprised to find you are covered there. If you have an ob at a hospital (scripps) then you won't need a midwife, it's usually one or the other unless the hospital has a midwife program integrated into their care. They have midwifery at ucsd and kaiser hospital in sd but most other hospitals don't have midwife programs as far as I know. Birth roots birth center in chula vista is the most affordable if you are paying out of pocket, and the team there is amazing. 
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    Thanks for the insight! I would really love to deliver at Best Start Birth Center for the experience of it all, sounds amazing. I would love their support & resources to help me through an unmedicated labor-like a tub. But being a postpartum RN I know time is of the essence if things go south. So I am leaning towards using a midwife at Scripps Encinitas.. we shall see, have my 1st apt on the 19th.
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    thanks for the suggestion! I'm so happy, im now pregnant, and my midwife said they renovated recently at Scripps Encinitas and added more rooms so 99% of the time you will get a private room!
  • Congrats!
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